Lovely and glorious Mykonos. The ultimate summer and party destination in Greece for millions of tourists around the world. Believe it or not, many people just can’t imagine their vacation, without visiting this fabulous island. It’s no wonder. Outstanding beaches, crystal clear blue water, fantastic landscapes and, of course, never-ending nightlife.

There is no other place in Mykonos like Porta Bar! Once you visit our cozy little indoor nightclub, you will immediately forget everything about your troubles and worries. This is why we have a flattering reputation of the best nightclub in this island.

We surely have everything that you need for the best experience in Mykonos. The most popular music hits, latest sound system, friendly people and the tastiest cocktails – they are all waiting your arrival. If you are positive, joyful and open-minded person, you will fit in perfectly!

Our creative cocktails will give you an energy to party all night long. This is important because every night is a party night in Porta Bar Mykonos. You only have one life. Spend it the best way possible.

So, feel free to drop by when you’re in Mykonos. We will be more than happy to welcome you.

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