If you are familiar with the Mediterranean, but even if you still haven’t visited this paradise, you’ve probably heard of Mykonos Island. Located in the south of Greece, it is well-known for its turquoise water, white houses and stunning beaches. However, it may be even better known for fantastic nightlife and many possibilities that it offers for spending the night out while on holiday. So grab your swimsuit and your dancing shoes – you’re in for a double treat!


Like every Greek island, Mykonos has its own unique charm that makes it different and special. This gem in the heart of the Aegean sea is world famous for it’s beach bars, partying the whole day and also renowned resaturants that overlook the sea. Picturesque streets and positive energy is always vibrating from sunrise to sunrise – partying never stops here! Mykonos has something for everyone. It is often a choice of celebrities, Hollywood stars, DJs, pop stars and A list athletes – many have visited Mykonos and checked out crazy nightlife.


If you need to take it slow and relax for the first couple of days, Mykonos nightlife is not just about disco dancing and listening to the best DJs playing nightlife hits. This wonderful Cycladic town offers numerous restaurants and caffes that work in the evenings and offer a variety of lovely drinks, tasty food and chill music. You can spend the night on the beachfront eating the famous Greek salad or the best gyros in Greece. If you are more a romantic type, or just want to enjoy some of natures finest sounds, take a bottle of good wine and relax on a nearby beach – meet some locals perhaps, learn their fishing tricks and enjoy the sound of splashing waves. Nightlife is also watching the sea waves isn’t it?


Keep in mind that during the day, the beach bars and clubs in Mykonos can easily become overcrowded, especially in peak season, with people who want to have fun and enjoy themselves. Most beaches offer different type of entertainment, close to hotels, restaurants and water sports. Watch out to not get to tired and exhausted dduring the day – save some energy for dancing and partying because that is Mykonos you really want to see. Endless summer nights can be an endurance test, so be prepared – eat some suvlaki and stay hidrated.

Of course, this cosmopolitan island mostly attracts people from all over the world due to its famous wild party scene. Beach parties kick off in the afternoon, and the action keeps going until dawn. Even if you planned a quiet visit, you won’t be able to resist the shiny night clubs and sounds of party, fun on Mykonos. Give it a chance, because it doesn’tt matter how you look or feel – crazy night in Mykonos will surely give you a blast of fantastic dance energy and bring everybody a huge smile.The town offers a non-stop party atmosphere, so you might as well go along. Mykonos is a heaven on Earth for sunbathing, swimming and dancing, perfect for those who enjoy quality nightlife and are looking for a sunrise to the sound of the best international DJs. So after a great beach party and a tasty meal of a good restaurant, drop by to Porta bar Mykonos – we offer you the top of nightlife, colorful and smashing cocktails and best partying in Greece.

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