Believe it or not, weekend in Mykonos is your chance to have the best two days of your life! Here’s how.

The most alluring season of the year is almost with us, people! Mykonos during summer is definitely one of the most beautiful islands, not just in Greece, but in entire Europe, as well. It is a real gem and jewel of the Aegean sea! So, it is no wonder that millions of visitors come to this island just to feel a magnificent and luxurious Mykonian atmosphere.

But, regardless of summer, Mykonos is an island known for 300 sunshine days, crystal clear water during the whole year and appealing white buildings. In other words, you don’t have to wait for the summer to come, so you can visit this island.

It is never a bad idea to plan your weekend in Mykonos. Whether you want to spend it alone, with your family, friends or partner. For instance, being on Mykonos in Saturday and Sunday can be the part of your romantic plan to propose your loved one.

Weekend In Mykonos – What Places To Visit?

Mykonos is a perfect cosmopolitan island for adventurers and bohemian travelers. You definitely won’t stay indifferent when you see and “feel on your skin” a splendid glory of Mykonos. And, seriously, there are plenty of reasons to visit this island, due to its numerous tourist attractions.

But, for the purpose of this article, we will name just some of the most popular locations that people simply love to see and visit in Mykonos.

  • Little Venice. This picturesque little place in Mykonos has an unofficial title of the best tourist fascination! It has a lot of charming houses, taverns, restaurants, narrow streets and it will leave you breathless! Come here if you want to watch the most beautiful sunset in Mykonos.
  • Panagia Paraportiani. Really captivating church. When you translate it, the name stand for Virgin Mary. Actually, this is not only one church. It’s a complex of five little churches which are located one top or next to each other.
  • Kato Mili Windmills. This place is an inevitable and important for the island’s cultural identity! A historic windmills stand proudly over Mykonos and face the sea in the town of Chora.
  • Ano Mera. A beautiful monastery with a marble fountain and collection of Byzantine relics presents a trendy tourist location.
  • Matoyianni Street. This is a perfect place if you’re shopaholic, because it has a lot of stores, boutiques, souvenir and handicraft shops.
  • Beaches You Will Fall In Love With!

    You can’t spend a weekend in Mykonos without going to the best beaches in this island! A sandy beaches with turquoise and emerald water distinguish Mykonos from all other islands in the Mediterranean Sea. No trip to Mykonos is complete without visiting fabulous Mykonos beaches.

    First of all, Mykonos is an exotic island and has a lot of romantic beaches for couples and the ones that want to get lonely and intimate. Two most popular couple beaches are Paraga Beach and Lia Beach. Lay under umbrella on a sunbed, drink a delicious ice coffee or frappe and enjoy with your significant other.Nevertheless, Mykonos is a nude-friendly island, which means that there are a lot of nudist beaches. We are talking about Elia BeachAgrari BeachPanormos Beach, Agios Sostis Beach and many others.

    If you’re coming to Mykonos with your children or friends, then don’t forget to visit family beaches. These are Agios Stefanos BeachAgios Ioannis Beach or, perhaps, Kalafatis and Kalo Livadi Beach.

    But, Mykonos also has a gay-friendly beaches. Among all of them, the most popular are Super Paradise BeachAgrari or Panormos Beach.

    However, if you want to see all beaches, feel free to rent a boat a have your own sea excursion and trip. You can drop by to the near island of Delos.

    Let The Party Enthusiast Come Out Of You!

    Now we come to the fun part! A weekend in Mykonos wouldn’t be complete without indulging in wild nightlife in this island. You probably now that Mykonos is the most superb party destination in entire Europe. So, it is not surprising that people like to call Mykonos a “party animal of Greece” or “Ibiza of Greece”.

    All the magic happens when the night falls over Mykonian coast. Just on night out in Mykonos is enough to remember this experience for the rest of your life.

    But, if you want to have a glamorous party experience in Mykonos, then make sure to visit the best nightclub in Mykonos. Without any doubt, that is Porta Bar Mykonos.


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    Our friendly staff will make sure that you enjoy it to the maximum in our nightclub.

    Also, keep in mind that every night is a party night in Porta Bar Mykonos.

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