The first thing that comes to mind when summer nights come are without a doubt – cocktails in Mykonos! They are the inevitable (and favourite) ingreedient of every dinner, celebration or party at a beach or club. Best cocktails in Mykonos should be your choice when choosing your company for careless happy summer nights full of music and dancing!

They are also your best friend if you want a stunning and colourfull look – vivid cocktail colours and shiny, fancy decorations are always in and will match any fashion look you choose for the night in greek bar. They are also fun – think of little umbrellas and lovely, tasty pieces of fruit. What more do you need besides refreshing summer flavours and a good bartender with mad cockatil making skills? They also have just about enough alcohol to spice that hot Mykonos nightlife spark! Cockatils go hand in hand with nightlife in Mykonos and here you can find a variety of sweet, bitter or sour cocktails that will help you enjoy every minute of walking on Mykonos beaches or dancing to the best music that Mykonos ofers.


Making cocktails is a great opportunity to experiment yourself and try making your own. Maybe you should even try using local, Greek products that will give a special note to any exoctic cocktail combination you choose. The only thing you’ll need is a shaker, the appropriate ingredients and a mood for fun. Summer in Greece is a perfect time to make the Ouzo Jelly Bean. Ouzo is the traditional greek spirit, and you should not miss an oportunity to enjoy its specific flavour. It is not too strong, but don’t let it fool you – it is still a strong alcohol beverage. This addition to your cocktail will bring the nightlife mood with just a few sips. You can just mix ouzo with coke or some other juice, or you can add blue curracao or grenadine. The proportions depend on your taste, but the classic cockatil recipe is 1 part ouzo, 1 part grenadine and 3 parts of lemonade or sprite. It’s a sweet and bitter cocktail, depending on how much of the ingreedients you balance in the cup, but it will surely make your hot night in Mykonos clubs fun and adventurous!


The other, also very popular cocktail for hot summer night has the essence of a tropical island. For two glasses you will need canned lychees in syrup, white rum, a little lime, brown sugar and of course – fresh min leaves and crushed ice! Use the whole can of lychees with syrup into the blender. After that, get rid of extra lychee pieces and add rum to the juice. Mix it while dancing! Squeeze the lime, add some sugar and mint leaves. Add some crushed iced or an ice cube into each glass, then top them both up with the lychee rum juice and stir well.

In the end, you are on a holiday. Maybe it’s better to let us prepare the finest cocktails for your demanding palate! Come visit Porta Bar Mykonos and let our bartenders surprise you with a cocktail combination that will make you remember the best nightlife in Mykonos.

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