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What to eat in Mykonos? This is one of the main questions that people ask when they’re planning a trip to this beautiful island. Mykonian cuisine is so delicious that will blow your mind.

Greece is the country well known for music, happy people and the phenomenal kitchen. Besides astonishing beaches, bays and resorts, the major reason why people adore this seaside destination is a perfect, unique and tasty food. Literally no one can stay indifferent when they try amazing Mediterranean specialties.

However, if you really want to eat the very best food in Greece, then make sure to visit Mykonos. This island has everything you need for your memorable holiday in 2020. Great beaches, perfect landscapes to visit, outstanding places to watch sunset,  beautiful Aegean sea… But, have you tried Mykonian food? Oh, boy! Many people would say that this food is heaven on Earth.

That is with a good reason. So, if you’re trying to find out the answer to question “what to eat in Mykonos”, in this blog we will reveal you the “secret”.

What To Eat In Mykonos – The Finest Greek Food

Whether you’re visiting Mykonos island or any other location in Greece, you just have to try traditional Greek specialties. That is practically the only way to “taste” the true and authentic Hellenic Republic. Certainly, there is a whole list of incredible Greek food But, we will try to make it shorter and name only the few of them which you’ll want to eat over and over again.

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Amygdalota. It is an almond cookie that is really popular all over the Greece. You can eat this meal in any part of the day. But, we recommend it to try it in the morning with the first sip of coffee. The taste will be even better!

Baklava. You have to try this desert for the best food experience in Greece. It is the mix of sugar, crust, nuts and butter and it is the sweetest thing you’ll ever taste!

Dolmadakia. Another popular Greek food. A grape leaves stuffed with meat (lamb or beef) and rice. The best solution for marvelous lunch.

Galaktoboureko. A phenomenal desert after lunch or in the evening hours. It is an ancient Greek desert with crispy phyllo with nice melted butter on the top. Once you taste it, it will be the explosion of flavour in your mouth.

Mykonos Specialties Will Leave You Breathless

Nevertheless, some of the Greek food is only the part of gives Mykonos special charisma and grace that no other land have. The cuisine Mykonos is so adorable and the old-fashioned Mediterranean food is really addictive! So, it’s not wonder that many kitchens around the world want to know the recipes of captivating Mykonian food.

If you are a food lover and you’re traveling to Mykonos, then make sure to try some of the best Mykonos specialties. You just have to try them, believe us.

Kopanisti. It is one of the main foods in Mykonos for over 300 years. Basically, it’s a cheese, but not ordinary cheese. It’s a salty cheese most known for its spicy and aromatic taste. You can add tomato, as well, to make it even more tastier.

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Ksinotira. When we’re speaking of cheese, then Ksinotira is one of the most popular cheeses in entire Mykonos. It is a sour cheese with really strong flavour. And why is this cheese so yummy? That is because it is left on the sun to be solid and firm. Feel free to add tomato, pasta or bread. Deliciousness per se.

Louza. If you’re a meat lover, then you’ll certainly love Louza. It is a traditional Mykonian dish made out of the dark sliced pieces of pork. It is really the rare island delicacy, and the tourists are eager to eat this food once they come to Mykonos

Mostra. An easy and simple dish that will satisfy all of your senses. It consists out of tomato, kopanisti cheese, bread, olive oil and some oregano. Order a mostra with traditional Greek drink and you’ll stay speechless!

What To Do After The Stomach Is Full?

As we can see, if you’re asking yourself “what to eat in Mykonos”, you have a plenty of choices. There are many restaurants and taverns in this island that make and cook fantastic food. But, eating Mykonian food is just one part of the fun while being in this place. The other part is even more interesting.

Once you finish with the food, you can go out and spend the most pleasing night of your life in Mykonos. Why? Because, everybody knows Mykonos as the party animal of Greece. Nightlife in this island is probably the best nightlife in entire Europe! Metaphorically speaking, partying in Mykonos is the “cherry on the cake” of fun and entertainment in this island.

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