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Valentine’s Day in Mykonos can (and will) be the best day in your life if you decide to celebrate this “holiday of love” in this island. Expect just the best from holiday in Mykonos in 2020.

Valentine’s Day or Saint Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular holidays all over the world. This day represents the festival of love, happiness, romance, friendship and emotional bondage. Therefore, on this day couples all round the globe express an unconditional love to each other. They do it by exchanging presents, love cards and other signs of affection.

This day helps couples develop stronger connection, but it also helps them to realize the true value of love.

If you want to celebrate the day of love in the best way possible, then spend it in the place that has the reputation of the island of love, hedonism and glamour. Spark the flame in your relationship and surprise your partner with flight tickets to Mykonos! Let the February 14th be the most exciting day in your entire life!

Valentine’s Day In Mykonos – Do Sentimental And Exotic Things Together

The feeling of being in love is indescribable and beautiful at the same time. Especially when your love is returned. So, when the Cupid strikes you with its love arrow, that means just one thing. It is a perfect time to take your partner by the hand and travel to Greece to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Mykonos. Here’s why.

It will sound inconvenient, but it is a good thing that on this day there is no so much crowd in Mykonos. This is because it’s not the peak of the season, as it is during the hot summer. In other words, you and your partner can “explore” each other without worrying is anyone going to stare at you or bother you.

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There are plenty of romantic restaurants and taverns in Mykonos. These are the places where you can go out with your partner and have exotic Mediterranean dinner. Traditional Greek specialties and established drinks will warm your hearts and make you feel closer than ever!

Although it’s still not time for swimming, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t enjoy in long, romantic walks in outstanding Mykonos beaches. The most charming beaches for this type of activity are Lia Beach, Paraga Beach, Platis Gialos Beach and Agios Stefanos Beach.

Visit The Most Romantic Places In Mykonos

Valentine’s Day in Mykonos is all about being together and creating love memories that won’t have an expiration date. Being in Mykonos for Valentine’s Day is your perfect getaway from everyday obligations and worries. And it’s even better when you spend this day with the person you love the most.

The fascinating thing about Mykonos is that this island is made for everyone’s taste. The phenomenal landscapes offer you the true value of natural beauty. And these natural beauties of Mykonos “hide” some of the most romantic places in Greece. We have mentioned some of the beaches, but here are other romantic spots in Mykonos that you will adore at the first sight!

Little Venice. Probably the most visited and the most photographed location in Mykonos! A small picturesque and magical place, with narrow streets and many restaurants and cafes. Come to the Little Venice with your partner and enjoy in the best sunset in Mykonos.

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Mykonos Vioma Organic Farm. Meet the genuine, original and true Mykonos at its best! This is an organic vineyard with rural scenery and authentic hospitality in Ano Mera. In this place you can taste the best wine in entire Greece, while listening to the classical music. And, the tour of the Mykonos Vioma Organic Farm is free of charge!

Matoyianni Street. The very heart of Mykonos. If you’d like to buy your partner something new and unique in Mykonos for Valentine’s Day, then visit Matoyianni Street. It has only the finest souvenir, handicraft, clothing and jewelry shops where you can find the best present for your loved one.

Ultimately, you and your partner can have a romantic boat tour and discover Mykonos at its purest!

Relax To The Max When The Night Comes

We can see that the best gift you can give to your partner is to take him/her for Valentine’s Day in Mykonos! This is just one of the reasons why Mykonos is getting even more popular from year to year.

When you’re done with daily activities with your girlfriend/boyfriend, it is time to relax and to increase the feeling of  amorousness. A night out in Mykonos with your partner can be the crown of your Valentine’s Day. Or, shall we say – Valentine’s Night. If you want to see what the nightlife in Mykonos really looks like, then you should visit only the best nightclub in this island.

And that is, without any doubt, Porta Bar Mykonos. Once you enter our exclusive indoor nightclub, with the extravagantly stylish decor, it is easy to forget the world outside. We’ve got everything that you need for your ultimate pleasure with your partner. The best DJ music, delicious cocktails, friendly people, cozy atmosphere, the latest sound system and the LED light dance floor… You name it – we have it!

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However, you can also come alone or with your friends to Porta Bar Mykonos and meet the love of your life in our club for Valentine’s Day! That would be the real love movie scene in real life!

So, don’t wait no more. Valentine’s Day will come quicker than you think. Book your “love holiday” in Mykonos now and visit Porta Bar. The best fun in our open-minded nightclub is always guaranteed!

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