traditional mykonos specialties

Mykonos is today one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It offers an amazing nightlife experience and friendly atmosphere no one is immune to. However, you can’t go on a wild night out with an empty stomach, can you? Since you’re already in Mykonos, you have to try some tasty traditional Mykonos specialties that will excite your taste buds. Here is our selection of the specialties that are essential part of Greek culture.

Traditional Mykonos Specialties: Sausages

traditional mykonos specialties

At a first glance, sausages don’t really sound like the type of food that is specific to Greece. However, we’re not talking about some regular sausages here. Families in Mykonos usually buy a pig sometime near the end of the summer and raise it all the way till Christmas. The proper Mykonos sausages consist mostly of lean meat, so you know it’s the healthiest option you can find. Every family has its own set of special spices they like to use besides salt, pepper, and oregano. If you still haven’t tried one of these special sausages, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Kopanisti: A Delicious Cheese Product

If you’d have to choose one of the ingredients no Greek can imagine his day without, it would have to be cheese. This country has huge respect for their local cheeses as they are an integral part of pretty much any meal. When it comes to Mykonos, one of the most popular traditional Mykonos specialties is certainly Kopanisti. It is a creamy cheese product made out of cow’s milk that is often served on bread with olive oil and tomatoes. It is a light and healthy breakfast that will help you get acquainted with Greek culture.

A Simple Dessert: Amygdalota

Another example of how simplicity can go a long way is a dessert called Amygdalota. This is one of the most popular traditional Mykonos specialties that originated on the islands in the Aegean sea. They became popular mainly because they are easy to make and don’t require too many ingredients. All you need to make this traditional cake is some eggs, sugar, rose water and, of course, almonds. That being said, not everyone can make this tasty, so make sure you visit some local families with traditional recipes if you want to taste this delicacy.

Kremidopita: A Peculiar Pie

If you don’t like onions, you might want to look away now! Kremidopita is a famous Mykonos onion pie that no local can resist. It is made out of, obviously, onions, local cheese, and some dill to add to the aroma. This is all put together with fluffy pie sheets that make the whole pie light and interesting. Even if you’re not a huge fan of onions, we urge you to try this dish. Most of the restaurants on Mykonos can make this for you but you still have to taste the homemade version to get it.

Louza: Thin-Sliced Pork Meat

traditional mykonos specialties

There’s no better sight in Mykonos than a plate full of Louza meat, neatly arranged and served with some high-quality cheese. It is the best way to feel welcome on the island and experience all the beauty Greece has to offer. Pretty much every family in Mykonos has a bit of Louza, so all you have to do is get invited by some of them. This might seem like a challenge, but you already know that people on Mykonos are quite friendly.

Porta Bar Mykonos

nightclub mykonos

Once you’ve filled up your stomach and had a taste of Greek culture, it’s time for a night out. Porta Bar Mykonos offers you the best parties on the island and an atmosphere you won’t find anywhere else. Visit us and see for yourself.

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