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Mykonos is a really unique island in entire Greece. This island has an unstoppable energy that anyone can feel it, no matter if it’s the day or night. Seriously, there are so many things that you can do here and places that you can visit, in order to have the best experience in Mykonos. With this being said, we guarantee that you’ll live like a boss in Mykonos, whether it’s your first time in Mykonos or you come here regularly.

You’ll be more than delighted to explore this island and find out an amazing things about Mykonos that you probably didn’t know. But, before we prepare you to have the most memorable experience in this island, find a perfect place to stay in Mykonos. From this point on, your long waited journey and summer 2019 adventure can begin.

First Things First – Visit The Most Popular Attractions

You’re all familiar with the fact that Mykonos has the glorious reputation of the best party island in Europe. Nevertheless, there are, also, many stunning places that you can visit here. In other words – yes, partying is great. But you can have the best experience in Mykonos, just by sightseeing this island. So, we strongly recommend that you visit the most popular attractions around here that will definitely leave you breathless.

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Start by discovering the magnificent architecture of Mykonos. They represent an inevitable part of this island’s charm, history and tradition. You’ll feel blessed when you see the well-known Mykonos Windmills. Certainly, you don’t want to miss the great view from the Armenistis Lighthouse. Many tourists admire seeing one of the most religious monuments in Mykonos – Panagia Paraportiani. And, for “cherry on top”, finish the day by having a walk and watching a perfect sunset in a beautiful Little Venice.

The Best Experience In Mykonos – Have An Unforgettable Boat Cruise

When in Rome, do as the Romans do, goes the old saying. But, when on a sea, do as the sailors do! Many people find it relaxing and satisfying to have an adventurous boat ride in Mykonos. This thrilling activity will let you get to know how colourful and astonishing this island really is. So, when in Mykonos, don’t waste your time – rent or hire a boat and sail like a king!

Let your excursion start by visiting the “island of light” – Delos. It is a small island, but one of the most historical sites in the entire island. Just by stepping your foot on this hilly terrain will take you back in ancient centuries. The phenomenal boat cruise will also lead you to a one more amazing archaeological island – Rineia. It is practically an uninhabited place for almost 40 years. Which is great news for tourists with an exploring spirit. With an amazing boat trip you can also visit more than 50 beaches that Mykonos has.

Have Fun On The Amazing beaches

What is the point of travelling and visiting islands in Greece, if you don’t go on a beach? Rhetorical question, but we’re sure that you get the point. Mykonos has ideal beaches that have something to offer to anyone! Not just you can swim here and be lazy on sunbed all day long, while drinking your favourite drink. You can also dance and party with great DJ music in beach bars and have the best experience in Mykonos.

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If you’re coming here with your family, then feel free to visit the Agios Stefanos Beach, Ornos Beach or Agios Ioannis Beach. If you came to Mykonos with your partner, you should know that Mykonos has an amazing romantic places and beaches made just for you. For instance, you can visit Paraga Beach or Lia Beach. And, if you’re eager to party on the sand, then feel free to go to a Paradise Beach or Super Paradise Beach. No matter what your sexual orientation is, we can assure you that you’ll have maximum fun on gay beaches in Mykonos.

The Best Experience In Mykonos – Party Like Never Before In Your Life

When someone mentions Mykonos island, one thing is certain. There is no way that you can have the best experience in Mykonos without “diving into” the wild nightlife here! You can especially feel the relentless energy and positive vibes of Mykonos at night. Trust us – that is the time when all the magic happens on this island.

However, if you want to “dance like a beast”, live life to the fullest and unveil your true self in a positive way, then Porta Bar Mykonos is a place for you! This is definitely the best gay club in Mykonos where the parties never stop. Our exclusive indoor nightclub will be your best choice. As soon as you walk through our door, you’ll easily forget everything all your worries. With the most modern sound system, popular music and LED light dance floor, you’ll be dancing like never before in your life. You also get to choose the most delicious and the tastiest cocktails in Greece in our club. Cozy atmosphere and friendly environment in our bar will make you feel like you’re on the top of the world.

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