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The best cocktail bar in Mykonos will provide you with the tastiest cocktail drinks in this part of Greece. Holiday in Mykonos 2020 will be very hot, so prepare yourself for the most refreshing Mediterranean cocktails!

Lovely and glorious Mykonos. The ultimate summer and party destination in Greece for millions of tourists around the world. Believe it or not, many people just can’t imagine their vacation, without visiting this fabulous island. It’s no wonder. Outstanding beaches, crystal clear blue water, fantastic landscapes and, of course, never-ending nightlife.

Unfortunately, due to the latest circumstances with the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of travelling plans had to be changed. However, there’s no need to be pessimistic at all. Mykonos is a safe island, so there’s no reason to worry about. Keep in mind that this crisis will come to an end sooner than you think.

And, when it does, that will be your time to shine in the most tremendous party environment in this part of Europe. Nevertheless, no summer party goes on without the tastiest summer drink – cocktails. They are an inevitable part of every single dinner, celebration or party.

In order to drink the most amazing cocktails in your life, you have to pay a visit to the best cocktail bar in Mykonos.

The Most Refreshing Drinks Are Made In The Best Cocktail Bar In Mykonos 

When the hot summer days strike you, while relaxing on a sandy beach in Mykonos, the first thing that pops into your head are definitely cocktails. They make an awesome company in tropical summer nights, full of good music and good vibes!

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Cocktails are, undoubtedly, an ideal drinks to freshen up yourself. With their vivid colours and extravagant decorations, they will match any fashion look you choose for the night in Mykonos. Also, with their little umbrellas and tasty pieces of exotic fruit, they will make quite an impression on you.

They are not strong as Metaxa, Ouzo or any other traditional Greek drink. But, they do have just the amount of alcohol that you need for a memorable night out in the best cocktail bar in Mykonos. You will enjoy in every single second watching a bartender mixing those alluring flavours in the rhythm of the night. And after that, you can really please yourself by drinking these fancy and popular drinks. We are more than sure that you will feel the explosion of taste in your mouth just by the first sip of it.

As we can see, cocktails really go hand in hand with the most splendid nightlife in Mykonos.

Drinking Cocktails Is Beneficial For Your Health 

Greek people really know how to appreciate there things in life: women, music and drinks. So, it’s not surprising fact that Greek cocktails are always made with a lot of love, passion and desire. In the best cocktail bar Mykonos you can find a variety of sweet, bitter or sour cocktails – whatever flavour suits your taste. These cocktails will certainly help you enjoy every second that you spend in this island.

However, besides their extraordinary look and relaxing ability, cocktails can benefit you in many other ways. With their fruit or vegetable servings, nutrient and calorie value, and also antioxidant features, cocktails can be a real health booster.

First of all, some cocktails contain Quinine – ingredient which doctors use for the treatment of malaria. Needless to say that citrus fruits, such as lemons, kiwi or oranges, are practically vitamin C bomb, which can make your immune system stronger and resistant. Ginger, which is used in some cocktails, has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory characteristics. Also, it contains a lot of vitamins and minerals, such as calcium, zinc and potassium. Cocktail Mojito has lime, which is known as a strong antioxidant.

Of course, drinking way too much alcohol will destroy your liver and health. But, moderate consuming of alcoholic cocktails will do you no harm.

The Best Cocktail Bar In Mykonos – Try The Most Colourful Greek Cocktails 

There are some traditional Greek cocktails that you need to try when you find yourself in Mykonos. With their fascinating flavour and interesting looks, they will blow your mind away!

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One of them is Ouzotini. It contains vodka, Ouzo, mint leaves, peach schnapps and fresh lime juice. Or, you can have Mediterranean Manhattan. It is a mixture of raki, sweet vermouth
and orange bitters. Or, perhaps, you want to try Greek Collins. This cocktail contains fresh lemon juice, tsipouro and vanilla syrup.

There are many other cocktails you will fall in love with as soon as you try them. We are talking about Sizzling Ouzo, Brown Volcano, Ouzo Sour

So, if you’re a party and cocktail lover at the same time, you will definitely want to come to the best cocktail bar in Mykonos. And that is Porta Bar Mykonos.

Porta Bar Mykonos – Your Piece Of Heaven In Greece

There is no other place in Mykonos like Porta Bar! Once you visit our cozy little indoor nightclub, you will immediately forget everything about your troubles and worries. This is why we have a flattering reputation of the best nightclub in this island.

We surely have everything that you need for the best experience in Mykonos. The most popular DJ music hits, latest sound system, LED light dance floor, friendly people and the tastiest cocktails – they are all waiting your arrival. If you are positive, joyful and open-minded person, you will fit in perfectly!

Our creative cocktails will give you an energy to party all night long. This is important because every night is a party night in Porta Bar Mykonos. You only have one life. Spend it the best way possible.

So, feel free to drop by when you’re in Mykonos. We will be more than happy to welcome you.

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