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Relaxing, swimming, partying and, simply, enjoying in life. All of these things are waiting for you on the best beaches in Mykonos in summer 2020!

Mykonos is not just one of Europe’s famous summer holiday destinations. Oh, no. Literally every year, millions of tourists from all around the globe gather here to feel the extravagant life of Mykonos. It is a cosmopolitan and amazing island known for the best parties on the planet. But, besides that, there is one more reason why Mykonos is getting popular from year to year.

A golden sand beaches with crystal clear water leave no one indifferent! The moment you step your foot on the best beaches in Mykonos, you will know that there’s no better feeling!

Many of the beaches in Mykonos have sunbeds and umbrellas for rent, with loud music great for beach partying and hotels nearby. But, the rest of them have an unspoiled natural beauty.

As you probably know, a coronavirus pandemic had its negative impact on the tourist season. Because of it, some people claim that the Mykonos beach life in summer 2020 will look something like this. However it turns out to be, we sure hope for the best.

Stay with us in this article and find out more about outstanding Mykonos beaches.

The Best Beaches In Mykonos – Platys Gialos, Super Paradise, And Paradise Beach

First and foremost, we would like to say that there are many incredible beaches on this island. One thing that connects all of them is that they’re made for everyone’s taste and preferences. But, for the purpose of this blog, we will mention just the few of them.

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Whether you’re visiting Mykonos for the first time or you’re a regular guest here, you have to come to the Platys Gialos Beach. The reason being is that this beach can be your beginning point for exploring the entire island. It is a really popular large beach in Mykonos that fits everyone perfectly. With hotels facing the sea and many sunbeds and umbrellas, Platys Gialos Beach attracts many families, friends and romantic couples to come.

If you like loud beaches with great music, then Super Paradise Beach is the right place for you. Although this is not a particularly gay beach, Super Paradise Beach remains popular among the gay population and tends to get really crowded. Despite its name, this beach has the reputation of the most sinful beach in Mykonos. In a positive way, of course.

One of the best beaches in Mykonos with a great party atmosphere is undoubtedly Paradise Beach. It is the beach that practically made the tourism in Mykonos one of the most profitable economic branches! It has sunbeds, umbrellas, bars, clubs and restaurants everywhere, so this beach can keep you busy all day long!

Don’t Forget To Visit Psarou, Elia And Paraga Beach

You’ve probably heard that Mykonos attracts many celebrities to come to this island. The particular beach that they like to go to is Psarou Beach. This is one of the island’s most famous beaches and possibly with the most beautiful scenery. Don’t forget to visit this beach in summer holiday 2020 in Mykonos, because you will miss a lot of excitement and emerald green water.

There are a lot of beaches in Mykonos with variable sizes. However, the largest beach in Mykonos is Elia Beach. It is the most popular gay beach in Mykonos, and it is also nudist-friendly and party beach. That is an unofficial “title” of this beach, as well. Being the largest beach in Mykonos, it has almost every sunbeds and umbrellas. But, if you like to bring a towel with you and lie down on the sand, where you can get a perfect tan, then there is a small section just for you!

However, if you don’t prefer big and large beaches, than a Paraga Beach is a perfect option for you. Despite its relatively small size, Paraga Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Mykonos! From out here, you can see a magnificent Delos Island. Feel free to take a boat trip to this place! Also, a Paraga Beach has several hotels and a market where you can buy your takeaway snacks for the day. Keep in mind that you can be naked on this beach, due to its nude-friendly convenience.

The Best Beaches In Mykonos – Ornos, Kalo Livadi And Panormos Beach

If you want to come with your family in Mykonos to spend a lovely summer holiday, then your first choice should be Ornos Beach. It is one of the most trendiest beaches in Mykonos, due to its calm and resort atmosphere. There are a lot of apartments and restaurants on Ornos Beach, which is located on the southern part of the island. Also, you will likely see a lot of boats and yachts here.

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Beach parties are one of the main attractions during the summer in Mykonos. One particular cosmopolitan beach that offers a great amount of pleasure and partying is Kalo Livadi Beach. A party environment of this beach attracts a lot of youngsters and partygoers. But, besides that, you can see a lot of families with kids around here, due to the shallow waters. Water sports are popular here, so you can enjoy in kayaking or paddling as well.

Nature lovers and people that love to relax will find their own peace at one and only Panormos Beach. This beach used to be hidden. But, nowadays, it is really crowded and popular due to its natural perfection. One half of the beach has sunbeds and umbrellas. And the other half is “reserved” for nudists. But, no matter the nudity, families with kids like to visit Panormos Beach.

At The End Of The Day, It Is Time For Nightlife Partying Style! 

As we have said it in the beginning, there are a lot of Mykonos beaches. Believe it or not, we have mentioned above just several of them that keep attracting visitors each and every year.

When you finish your day being lazy on the best beaches in Mykonos, it is a time to “dive into” the glorious Mykonos nightlife. You know that Mykonos has a reputation of a party animal of Greece. Actually, when someone mentions Mykonos, the first that comes to people’s mind is wild partying!

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You can expect a great selection of the tastiest cocktails, eclectic DJ music that will keep your toes tapping, a friendly people and an extravagantly stylish decor. And every night is a party night in a Porta Bar Mykonos! Parties at our nightclub never stop! 

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