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It is well known fact that the Mykonos is the most popular party destination, not only in Greece, but in entire world. Thousands of people from all around the globe come here every year to enjoy the sun, sea and perfect life without boundaries. But, if there is one place in Mykonos that will make you discover your true nature and have the most amazing experience of your life, that is definitely Super Paradise beach.

It is located seven kilometers in the south of Mykonos Town. If you think that this beach attracts only ordinary tourists and partygoers wanting to have fun, then you are wrong. Super Paradise beach is, also, one of the favourite spots for jetsetters, TV stars, models, singers, actors and DJs. That is exactly why celebrities love Mykonos. So, stop asking yourself what to visit in Mykonos in 2019, the ideal solution is right in front of you. There are many reasons why you should come to the beach “Super Paradise” and have the greatest time.

What Makes Super Paradise Beach Special?

Seemingly paradoxical, name of this beach is “Super Paradise”, but it is one of the the most lustful and sinful places in Mykonos. There are many beautiful beaches in Mykonos which lure practically everyone – friends, romantic couples, families. But, Super paradise is not that kind of the beach. Don’t get us wrong – this, actually is not the negative thing at all!

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Anyone who wants to go to this beach comes with only one goal – to rave party all day and night. At the same time, this beach welcomes everyone who is open minded. And everyone who is not judgmental. Once you come to this big, sandy beach with crystal blue water, you will want to stay here forever. This beach is all about loving yourself just the way you are!

Unveil Yourself With No Limits

For many years, Super Paradise beach was the favourite destination for gay people. But, over the time, due to its extremely positive and friendly atmosphere, straight visitors have loved it, too! So, straight, gay, bisexual, old, young – it doesn’t matter who you are. It matters that you are energetic, vibrant, hedonistic person, full of life, eager to have fun!


One of the biggest advantages of this beach is that this is nude tolerant beach. Furthermore, being nude in some areas on this beach is obligatory. With or without your clothes, everything on this place is about accepting and loving who you really are. If there is one thing on this beach that is hotter than the weather and the sun, than that is – hot, naked bodies all around you! Feel free to unveil yourself with no limits!

Super Paradise Beach – For The Real Adventurers

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As we’ve already mentioned, before you visit this beach, make sure to leave your kids at home and forget about quite drinks. This place is, in the peak of the season, so crowded, that you will probably have trouble finding a spot to put your towel on. But, not to worry about. For real adventurers, there are no barriers.

You can have all the fun you want while dancing on the tables! Yeah, you’ve read it right – you can jump to the table and “rockandroll” as long as you want! The energetic environment here encourages you to live you dreams and fantasies to the fullest! So, get ready for the most incredible experience of your life in Mykonos!

Prepare For The Unforgettable Parties

By far, you could come to conclusion that Super Paradise beach is created for real clubbers! Party and lascivious atmoshpere on this beach in Mykonos is so contagious that is going to “infect you” the moment you step on it. Once the party starts and loud music begins, there is no “running away” from it! In a positive and best possible way, of course.

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But, if you want to experience the real nightlife in Mykonos where parties never stop, then you should definitely visit Porta Bar. This is the best gay bar in Mykonos where you can have ultimate experience with light led show. While drinking tasty cocktails and dancing to the music of the most popular DJs in the world, you’ll be swaying and spinning like you never did before! If you are first time in a gay club, don’t worry – you can always meet new people and make friends with them in night club.

So, don’t waste your time! Book your holiday in Mykonos now and visit us this summer! We’ll be more than happy to welcome you. We promise you will have the most memorable time in your life!

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