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Although it’s still February, it’s not too early to start planning your summer vacation. If you want your holiday to be an amazing, unforgettable experience, we suggest you spend your summer in Greece 2019 and one of its beautiful islands.

The warm Mediterranean climate will help you forget all about your problems and enjoy the Greek lifestyle to the max. In our new blog, we’ll provide you with just a couple of reasons why you should come and visit Greece this season. We’ll leave it up to you to find the rest of them firsthand. There’s no doubt that you’ll have an amazing time.

Visiting Greek Islands

One of the first choices you should make when thinking about visiting Greece is whether you would like to visit the continental part of the country or the islands. We recommend you go to the Greek Cyclades and visit the immensely popular and beautiful Mykonos.

Summer in Greece 2019 is truly incomplete without a visit to the gay-friendly Mykonos. This island has a reputation in the world for being the best destination in the world for gay vacations. The atmosphere is friendly, pleasant and, most important of all, intriguing.

Greek Cyclades

Sights and History

Mykonos is an amazing island with rich heritage and some unique sights. For example, you can go and visit the old windmills that hold the old Greek spirit. Besides that, there are beautiful old fishing huts all over the coast that will take your breath away. There is also a part of the island called Little Venice, which is known for its glorious, romantic sunsets.

During your summer in Greece 2019, you could take some time to learn more about the history of gay community. There is not better place to do it then on Mykonos. Who are some of the most famous gay activists who worked hard to make sure the LGBT community’s voice got through? How did the gay pride flag come to be? What are some of the best gay authors in the history? You can read up on all that while resting casually on Mykonos golden beaches.

Mykonos Beaches

Speaking of beaches, did we mention that Mykonos has a huge number of absolutely stunning beaches for you to enjoy. It doesn’t matter if you’re into water sports, crazy parties, or relaxing on the sand. Mykonos beaches have something for everyone.

However, what if you’re a party-goer and don’t like dancing on the sand? Indoor nightclubs are a perfect choice for you then. Find one of the famous gay nightclubs on the island and enjoy the unique atmosphere these clubs offer.

nightclub mykonos

Summer in Greece 2019 – Porta Bar Mykonos

Without a doubt, the best gay nightclub on Mykonos is the one and only Porta Bar Mykonos. This amazing bar has everything you need – creative DJs who know how to get the party going, tasty cocktails that will inspire you, and a friendly, inviting atmosphere. It’s easy to meet new friends here, even if this is your first time here, so don’t wait. Plan out your summer in Greece 2019 right now!

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