party nights

If you think a visit to Mykonos will be a relaxing and peaceful way to spend a vacation with loved ones, or perhaps with friends, you will only be partially right. It is true that Mykonos magic is first and foremost due to her breathtaking views, history, nature, and mythology. On the other hand, Mykonos is famous for something else: her unforgettable nightlife!

If you are in search of a Mykonos vacation that is anything but cultural, you will not be disappointed. The numerous bars and clubs in the Mykonos provide a perfect way to release pent up stress. However, the best party’s is in Porta Bar Nightclub.

A typical day might be spent chilling on one of our amazing beaches or partying with your friends on one of the many boat parties. Followed by watching the sunset and then a bite to eat. Then moving on into Mykonos for some drinks, mingling and maybe a bit of a dance. From there the legendary Porta Bar Nightclub are calling you for a big night with your favourite DJs…