2017 has been a beguiling year in Mykonos. Record numbers of tourists have flocked to the island as the clubbing landscape shifts at pace. Despite venue changes, and gradual shifts in sounds and trends, one thing Mykonos always delivers is the world’s best DJs – week-in-week-out – all summer long. So, as we approach the closing parties, it’s time to shine a light on the best DJ sets recorded on the Mykonos this year.

Discover some of the best places for drinking and dancing with our guide to DJ Bars in Mykonos. The island is filled with buzzing little venues with killer playlists and a hedonistic late-night spirit that offer a great alternative to the more notorious super-clubs. We’ve selflessly been out to experience some of the best places for DJ nights in Mykonos; read on for our recommended picks!

Fired up for a party in Mykonos but looking for the DJ antics to match? Grab your favourite fun-time folk and bowl on down to Mykonos Night Club Portabar as this bar is not only coming on strong with some of the best cocktails in the industry, their DJs bring it home every night with slick beats and late-night anthems.