best tunes in mykonos gay bar

Ahead of taking on 2018, what better way to say goodbye to 2017 than revisiting those tunes that will forever take us back to the year we are leaving behind. Here are some of the ones that had island-dwellers and visitors alike lose their minds on dancefloors across Mykonos.

It was not easy to choose, of course. In 2017, a number of monumental parties rocked the island, the kind that deserves to go down in electronic music history. We went for those tunes that regularly had clubbers going mental, sending shock waves through dancefloors everywhere on the Mykonos.

Whether you were physically here or just in spirit, tunes like these made sleep obsolete in favour of letting loose until … who can say? Sunrise, the next afternoon, two days later? Does it even matter? Mykonos has its own creative time zone anyway.

While obviously not the only tunes, these ones ruled the Mykonos season and have something exceptional about them. You may just find some of those that made your night and start thinking about your next visit to Mykonos. After all, the party calendar has already started filling up.

Meanwhile, relive your favourite music moments of the year, wait for the drop, then fly.