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There are literally thousands of reasons to visit Mykonos in summer 2020.

So, it’s not surprising fact that millions of tourists from all corners of the world every single year eagerly fly to this island. They do it just to feel and see the charming beauty of this island. And they repeatedly want to come back again. This is because Mykonos definitely leaves no one indifferent. However, the popularity of this island and its natural glamour don’t have a price! It’s your turn to make the holiday in Mykonos 2020 your best vacation ever!

We are aware that the whole world is facing with the invisible and lethal enemy – the coronavirus. This is the main reason why many people have doubts about the safety of Mykonos. Trust us, there are no reasons to worry about. A coronavirus pandemic is slowly coming to its end, and life overall is getting back to its normal flows.

Once the crises is over, people will be able to travel wherever they want. And – whenever they want! Mykonos, as an island in the Aegean sea, is an ideal holiday destination where anyone can enjoy.

Reasons To Visit Mykonos In Summer 2020 – Amazing Beaches

What is the summer without swimming in crystal clear and turquoise water? Can you even imagine it? Neither can we! There’s no better feeling on the Earth when you enjoy in the perfectly cold sea water during the hot summer days.

This feeling is even more captivating when you’re lying on a sunbed on a sandy beach, while drinking a refreshing smoothie. A perfect beaches in Mykonos make one of the best reasons to visit Mykonos this summer. They offer you nothing but a pure hedonism. And, what makes the beaches in Mykonos so special? Well, the answer is simple. The beaches on this island are made for everyone’s taste. This means that anyone can find their own piece of heaven on the coast of Mykonos.

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First of all, if you’re coming to Mykonos with kids, there are plenty family-friendly beaches. We are talking about Platys Gialos Beach, Agios Ioannis Beach, Ornos Beach, etc.

However, if you’re visiting Mykonos with your partner, then you will love romantic places and beaches that this island “hides”. For example, we are talking about Paraga Beach or Lia Beach.

Mykonos has a reputation as a gay-friendly island and welcomes all the open-minded people. In other words, Mykonos has stunning gay oriented beaches with most brilliant beach parties.

You can always choose to have s marvelous boat ride and make your own water excursion to the island of Delos near Mykonos.

Feel The Splendid Luxurious Life

Probably the biggest advantage of Mykonos is that you will live on this island like a real king! It is no joke at all. This island, as a combination of urban and traditional elements, established itself as a great cosmopolitan location.

From the most exclusive VIP clubs, restaurants, bars and taverns, all the way to the most exquisite villas, apartments and hotels… You will definitely have the feeling that you’re in paradise once you come to Mykonos.

It’s no wonder that Mykonos, for many decades, presents a favourite destination for celebrities and superstars.

So, when we are talking about reasons to visit Mykonos this summer, a splendid, luxurious way of life is certainly one of them.

Reasons To Visit Mykonos This Summer – Fantastic Places For Everyone 

There is no way that you can be bored in Mykonos. Seriously, there is no room for monotony and lethargy in this island. The reason being is that Mykonos has so many incredible places that everyone should see at least once.

For the purpose of this article, we will mention just the few of those places. And they all will make you pack your suitcases immediately and come to Mykonos right now!

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Little Venice. A charming, picturesque quart in Mykonos with many shops, bar and restaurants. You can watch the most beautiful sunset in Mykonos from out here.

Mykonos Windmills. The symbol of Mykonos. The most important part of and island’s charm and attractiveness. A place which will take you back in the old sailing days.

Panagia Paraportiani Church. A church that is a national memorial in Greece. It contains a five little churches located top or next to each other.

Matoyianni Street. Center of the all happenings in Mykonos. If you’re a shopaholic, then you will adore souvenir shops, clothing shops, jewelry shops and handicraft shops here.

Armenistis Lighthouse. A perfect Mykonos Instagram spot, but also the place for history lovers. You can enjoy the most appealing view of the Aegean sea.

Outstanding Mykonian Food And Drinks 

Greece is the land of beautiful people, traditional music and delicious cuisine. The same thing goes for Mykonos, as well! Mykonos has a little bit of everything in order to satisfy everyone’s taste.

So, one of the best reasons to visit Mykonos this summer is an exceptional Mykonian food and drinks that will leave you breathless!

Mykonos specialties are so tasty, that they will make you eat this food over and over again. The most notable food of Mykonos are Kopanisti, Amygdalota, Dolmadakia and Galaktoboureko. Also, you have to try an appetizer – Mezze.

Besides food, you can have delightful drinks in Mykonos restaurants and bars. Each and every sip of these drinks is a real delicacy. We are talking about Metaxa, Ouzo, Tsipouro, Soumada and plenty of other beverages.

Party As Much As You Want 

Mykonos is the most popular party destination in entire Europe. If there’s anything that distinguishes Mykonos from any other place in this world, that would certainly be a crazy and phenomenal nightlife. When the night comes, all the magic happens in Mykonos.

Keep in mind that parties in Mykonos never stop! So, it doesn’t surprise that people call Mykonos a “party animal of Greece”.

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If you’re enthusiastic and adventurous person, then parties are one of the best reasons to visit Mykonos in summer 2020. And, if you want to party all day and night long in the best nightclub in Mykonos, then Porta Bar is the right place for you! Once you enter our nightclub, you will easily forget the world outside!

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So, don’t wait no more! Book your holiday in Mykonos now and get ready for the best experience in your life! We are waiting for you.

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