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Mid-October is here which means another successful season is behind us. We’ve had some great moments this year and it’s all thanks to our guests who created an amazing, friendly atmosphere. Instead of being sad about the end of this season in Porta Bar Mykonos, let’s see what it is that made it so successful in the first place. That way, we’ll have something to look forward to next time. See if you agree with our list.

A Charming Island

One of the main reasons why Porta Bar Mykonos is such a great place is the island itself. Mykonos is one of the most popular and most beautiful islands in Greece. Since it’s located in the northern part of the Cyclades, it benefits from a mild climate throughout the year. It has numerous beaches and a lot of them are created with gay community in mind. Every night, you get to admire the stunning sunsets that transform every event into a romantic adventure.

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DJs and Special Shows

We know that our guests love to party, so that’s what we give them, every night. A spacious dancefloor with enchanting disco lights would mean nothing without talented DJs that know how to please the crowd. This year, we’ve also had some special shows like the Starlets that completely brightened up the place. Add a Karaoke night or two to the mix and you get some truly unique experience that only Porta Bar Mykonos can offer.

Tasty Cocktails

If you’ve been in our club, you’ve probably also tasted some of our tasty cocktails that add to the amazing experience. Whether you’re a fan of some simple and clean drinks or like them to be as flamboyant as your personality, we’ve got you covered. Our professional bartenders will never leave you high and dry. We use local ingredients, so you can truly taste Greece in all its glory.

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Friendly People

However, the most important element of Porta Bar Mykonos are its guests. They are the ones who create the amazing atmosphere, night after night, where everyone feels welcome and at home. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in the club for years or this is your first time – you will make friends in a matter of minutes. We are proud of the community we’re bringing closer every time and we hope you are as well.

Porta Bar Mykonos – Share Your Thoughts

Because we care about what you think, we’d love to hear what were some of your favorite moments in our club? What is that something special that might convince you to come back next season? We’re looking forward to seeing our bar through your eyes.

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