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There are seriously plenty of places to visit in Mykonos in 2020. However, in this article we will try to shorten list of those places by mentioning only the top 5 locations.

We all know that Mykonos has a prestigious reputation of the best party location in whole Greece. It’s no wonder that many people love to call this island as “the Ibiza of Greece” or “the party animal of Greece“. But, Mykonos is really much more than that.

This island that has many other destinations and spots that are definitely worth seeing and visiting. If you’re planning to spend your holiday in Mykonos in 2020, then we recommend to see the following places that will leave you breathless.

Places To Visit In Mykonos In 2020 – Matoyianni Street

One of the best places to visit in Mykonos in 2020 is, without any doubt, Matoyianni street. This street is the center of all main happenings in Old Town Mykonos.

Actually, this street is the number one place in Mykonos for shopaholics. It is the basically the leading shopping street in this island. In other words, there are a lot of souvenir shops, clothing shops, jewelry shops and handicraft shops. Besides that, there are many cafes, bars and restaurants where you can enjoy in the most delicious Greek food and drinks.

This street is your best choice if you want to bring home with you a brilliant souvenir memory from Mykonos.

Little Venice

If you are looking to find the most romantic place in Greece, which leaves no one indifferent, that would definitely be Little Venice. Needles to say, this place doesn’t have, shall we say – expiration date. From year to year, Little Venice gets even more popular.

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Every single year, millions of tourists from all over the world gather around in Little Venice. And there are many reasons for that. Little Venice is the most picturesque quart in entire Mykonos. It has everything that you need for the perfect vacation – colourful narrow streets, trendy restaurants and bars, shops and art galleries.

Additionally, when you come to Little Venice in the evening hours, you will witness the most beautiful sunset in Mykonos.

Places To Visit In Mykonos In 2020 – Kalafatis Beach

As you probably already know, Mykonos island is packed with many stunning and phenomenal beaches. However, there is one beach that tends to take away credits from all the other beaches in Mykonos. We are talking about Kalafatis beach.

Although everyone is welcome to this beach, Kalafatis beach is the most popular sport for those who are in love with water sports. Therefore, you can enjoy windsurfing, water skiing, jet skiing, etc. Also, this is one of the biggest beaches in Mykonos and it’s popular among many families.

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The water is clear and isn’t too deep and beach has parasols and deck chairs all over the place.

Church Of Panagia Paraportiani

Mykonos offers everything to everyone’s taste. There are dozen of architectural and historical places and churches to see in Mykonos. So, if you’re history and culture fan, then one of the perfect places to visit in Mykonos in 2020 is the Church of Panagia Paraportiani.

When you translate it, the name of this church stand for “Our Lady of the Side Gate”. This church is a national memorial in Mykonos. Its remarkable white colour and beautiful dome, that looks over the sea, make this church unique and impressive landscape. The thing that distinguishes this church is that it contains five small churches. They are all located one top or next to each other.

Interesting fact is that they are not built at the same time, however, but gradually, over the time.

Kato Milli Windmills

There’s no way to visit Mykonos without seeing the sensational Mykonos Windmills. They are an inevitable part of island’s sightseeing. Basically, the windmills are exclusive “trademark” of this island. But, the first thing that sailors notice when they approach Mykonos island are Kato Milli Windimills.

They consist out of six little windmills that have a view at the Aegean sea. There are always loads of visitors below and around these windmills who are trying to capture the perfect photography for their holiday albums.

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The list of the places to visit in Mykonos in 2020 is not complete. These are only the top 5 incredible locations that will delight you in every single way.

When you finish visiting all these places, it is the time for to relax and to have another type of fun. The only way to do it is to “join” the famous party scene in Mykonos.

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