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How does the perfect day in Mykonos look like? What should people do or visit first when they come to Mykonos in order to have an incredible time in Mykonos?

Without any doubt, Mykonos is the most popular island in entire Greece. And there are plenty of reasons for that. This lovely island, known as a heaven for celebrities and parties, has many pleasant things to offer to anyone. But, if you had only one day to spend in Mykonos – what would you do first? Or, what should you do the whole day long to make it be the best day in your life? You don’t have to plan or organize in any way your perfect day in Mykonos. Don’t worry – we did that instead of you in this article. Let your relaxation in Mykonos begin in the best way possible.

However, we have to mention it doesn’t necessarily need to be only one day. You can have a perfect week, two weeks, month or even more… No matter how long your vacation lasts, you can always have a marvelous holiday in Mykonos. Here’s how.

A Perfect Day In Mykonos – Stunning Beaches Are Waiting For You

You know how they say – the first impression is the most important. Your memorable holiday in Mykonos always starts with the first day, doesn’t it? There is a common belief that your day will be exactly like the first thing you did in the morning. Waking up in the Mykonos and watching sunrise above the Aegean sea is a fantastic introduction to outstanding day in Mykonos.

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With Mykonos being the ultimate summer destination for holiday, your day should start with going to some of the best beaches in this island.

  • Platys Gialos Beach. This is probably one of the most¬† famous beaches in Mykonos. Wide with many restaurants and hotels, and it is made for everyone’s taste.
  • Ornos Beach. When the summer comes, this beach becomes one of the most crowded beaches in whole Mykonos.
  • Psarou Beach. If you are a fan of water sports in an emerald green water and perfect sand, then this beach is an only solution for your holiday.
  • Elia Beach. Probably the longest beach in Mykonos where everyone can find their own peace.
  • Super Paradise Beach. Fan of beach parties, loud music and nude-tolerant beaches? Don’t hesitate to come to this beach.

These and many more beaches are eagerly waiting for your arrival.

Spread Your Adventurous Spirit

Nevertheless, you don’t have to be on some of the sandy Mykonos beaches for the whole day. There are many other places you can visit and see in Mykonos. So, why don’t you make your perfect day in Mykonos adventurous and courageous?

This island offers you a load of opportunities to explore it and discover some of the most fascinating historical, geographical and architectural facts.

If you are a shopaholic and want to bring home with you the best souvenirs from Mykonos, then you should definitely pay a visit to Matoyianni street, the epicenter of all happenings in Old Town Mykonos. Clothing shops, jewelry shops and handicraft shops – everything is packed here.

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Also, if you want to spend the day in Mykonos with your partner, then this island “hides” captivating romantic places, where you and your significant other can enjoy with each other. In the late afternoon you can watch the most enchanting sunset in Greece by going to picturesque Little Venice.

Spice up your day in Mykonos by having and organizing your own boat trip or tour. With this type of transportation you can go to Delos. This is one of the most important historical sites in the Cyclades.

The irreplaceable locations in Mykonos, which present the inevitable part of this island’s charm, are traditional and historical places. We are talking about Mykonos Windmills, Armenistis Lighthouse, Archaeological Museum, Folklore Museum, the church of Panagia Paraportiani and many others.

When The Night Comes, It’s Show Time!

As we could see, during the daylight you can do many pleasurable things that will satisfy your body and soul in every single way. But, perfect day in Mykonos doesn’t end with the first dark. Oh, no, folks.

The night in Mykonos is the time when the real magic happens. The superb and extraordinary parties in Mykonos are the main reason why this island has ever-growing popularity! The “party animal of Greece“, as people call Mykonos, never lacks of exciting and thrilling atmosphere. Nightlife in Mykonos is the best part of having the perfect and unbelievable day in this island.

If you want to be the part of this exotic nightlife, then the only place where you should go out is Porta Bar.

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Our fancy, indoor and open-minded bar has an informal reputation of the best nightclub in Mykonos. Eclectic music, in the combination with the wide selection of the most delicious cocktails in Greece, will make you dance and twist and have all night long.

As soon as you enter Porta Bar, you will, in a matter of seconds, forget the world outside and all of your worries. And, the best part is – every night is a party night at our gay-friendly club. So, if you want your perfect day in Mykonos to end in the best way possible, then feel free to drop by in Porta Bar Mykonos. Astonishing atmosphere, friendly people and fun vibes are waiting for you.

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