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The party scene in Mykonos 2020 will bring you a lot of excitement in the year that is ahead of us.

From year to year, Mykonos parties seem to be even better, hotter and greater! Although it is the very beginning of the year, this is the main reason why most of the people have already chosen to spend a holiday in Mykonos in 2020. As you probably know, Mykonos has a reputation of a party animal of Greece. However, that is all of it.

Clubbers from all around the world consider Mykonos to be the irreplaceable party location. And, to be honest – there’s a lot of truth in these claims. Partygoers and tourists from all parts of the planet eagerly visit this island every single year in order to experience the phenomenal and famous Mykonos nightlife.

With this being said, in this article we will present you with the most relevant elements of the Mykonos party scene in 2020.

Party Scene in Mykonos 2020 – The Tradition Of Endless Charm

It is not coincidence that particularly Mykonos became the ultimate party destination. There’s a well-known history and tradition of partying in this island.

The Greeks got their independence in the beginning of the 19th century. Due to the previous war, the economy of Mykonos wasn’t so great. Nevertheless, during the time, the Mykonian people have managed to regain their industrial power using textile. That’s the time when tourists slowly started to come to this island.

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Those tourists were mainly hippies and art lovers. From that time, Mykonos was a place for open-minded people and people who were looking for freedom, fun, hedonism and relaxation. It was practically the beginning of the new party culture and movement. The word of a new party area began to spread quickly. More and more people wanted to take part in these party activities.

We are witnessing the consequences of it today. Adventurers and party junkies can not imagine their vacation without visiting Mykonos!

Beach Parties That Will Leave No One Indifferent

You might be thinking that it is too early for beach parties, considering that it is January. But, keep in mind that summer 2020 will come sooner than you think! Therefore, an inevitable part of the party scene in Mykonos 2020 are definitely incredible beach parties!

Partying on beautiful Mykonos beaches is really the special kind of feeling. Everything “swarms” out of positive energy, loud music and outstanding party atmosphere! But, you should know that there are specific beaches in Mykonos that are setting the standards of partying in this island! We are talking about Paradise Beach, Paraga Beach and, of course “sinful” Super Paradise beach! 

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These beaches are, undoubtedly, the “hot spots” of Mykonos. Parties on these beaches are so engaging and vibrant, that there is no chance to stay indifferent when you find yourself on some of them. Also, these are nude tolerant gay-friendly beaches. In other words, everyone is welcome here, regardless of their sexual orientation. You can dance on the floor, on the table, with or without clothes – it’s your choice, it doesn’t matter at all! What really matters is that you are friendly and non-judgmental person with enviable partying skills.

Party Scene in Mykonos 2020 – The Best Place To Party In Mykonos

As we can see, beach parties during the daylight are really impressive and something worth seeing. However, the party scene in Mykonos 2020 offers you much more than this! Just one night out in Mykonos is enough to be blown away by the superb and exceptional parties in this island. This is why all the magic in Mykonos happens when the night comes!

We are not exaggerating when we say that the millions of visitors come to Mykonos every year just to feel the sweet taste of Mykonos nightlife. There are many clubs and bars in Mykonos where you can party as much as you want. But, for your perfect and memorable party experience, you need to find the best nightclub in Mykonos. And that is, by far, Porta Bar Mykonos.

Porta Bar Mykonos – Your Right To Enjoy In Life

Once you come to Porta Bar, you will, in a matter of seconds, forget your troubles and the world outside!

Our exclusive indoor nightclub has an informal reputation of the best gay bar in Mykonos. With the best DJ music, latest sound system, great selection of cocktails and LED light dance floor, you will enjoy in every single second that you spend at our club. Also, you can organize various events at our club, such as birthday parties.

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The great thing is that every night is a party night in a Porta Bar! The atmosphere at our place is cozy and mesmerizing, and our staff is really polite, which means you can easily meet new people and make new friends! A quality party time in Porta Bar Mykonos is guaranteed.

So, don’t wait no more! Book your flight ticket to Mykonos now! Feel free to pay a visit Porta Bar – a fancy venue full of unstoppable fun! Drop by and prepare for the best parties in your life!

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