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Summer holidays are all about vacations and travelling somewhere where you’ll relax and have fun. Without any doubt, during hot summer months, Greece becomes the most visited country in Europe. While in Greece, tourists particularly want to visit the stunning Mykonos island. There are many reasons for this, and one of them is an amazing night out in Mykonos, which leaves no one indifferent.

Of course, Mykonos has much more to offer you than fantastic nightlife when everyone enjoys. There are many beautiful beaches and landscapes that you can visit and really enjoy. Nevertheless, Mykonos welcomes anyone who comes here – families, romantic couples or, even, lonely souls who will definitely make friends with someone here. But, above it all, this Greek island is the most popular among younger generation full of energy and willing to party all day and night. This is why all the magic in Mykonos happens when the night comes.

Why Is The Night Out In Mykonos So Popular?

Almost everybody so far knows that the nightlife in Mykonos is so vibrant and exciting. Therefore, there is, basically, no person who doesn’t want to be part of it. But, the real question here is – why is Mykonos the top destination in Europe for partying? What makes this island’s nightlife different than any other locations in the entire world? Well, there is a reason why this island’s another name is “the Ibiza of Greece” or “the party animal of Greece“.

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First of all, the parties never stop here. It’s no joke, folks! It doesn’t matter whether is the day or night, there is always a place where you can have an incredible party experience. Modern and exclusive outdoor beach clubs offer you all types and genres of music and phenomenal atmosphere. For instance, Super Paradise Beach is really popular during the daylight. This is because of its extremely positive, friendly and nude tolerant environment. But, during the night, new horizons open up in Mykonos! Many elegant night bars, discotheques, loud and vivacious music, awesome drinks. Long story short – nightlife atmosphere makes this island heaven for partygoers!

Cocktails Are Inevitable Part Of Perfect Mykonos’s Nightlife

Nightlife in Mykonos is so active, cheerful and sprightly that makes this island never sleep! Believe us, just one night out in Mykonos will make you feel like a real boss. If you are going out, especially during summer nights, you need to “charge your batteries” and freshen up yourself. And, what is the better way to do it than having the tastiest cocktails in Mykonos?

Shiny cocktails, with their vivid and fancy decorations, make an irreplaceable part of a perfect night out in Mykonos. That’s why they are one of the most popular drinks in Mykonos during the night. They will keep you hydrated and full of positive vibrations. And the choice of the cocktail you want to drink depends upon your preferences. You can have a traditional Greek cocktail, like Ouzo Jelly Bean, which is really delicious. Also, very attractive and popular beverages during the summer are tropical cocktails. You can mix them and shake them while you’re dancing and partying!

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So, if you want to experience the sweet taste of Mykonos’s nightlife, don’t forget to have a cocktail that suits you the best. Create the memories you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

Find The Club Where You Can Party As Much As You Want

Every corner of this island offers you something new and something different where you can take pleasure in. No matter the season or the part of the year, Mykonos is always ready for your life adventure. But, in order to have the ultimate night out in Mykonos, you need to find the club where you’ll unveil yourself without limits! Where you can feel like you’re on the top of the world and where no one will look you judgmentally. One of them, undoubtedly, is Porta Barthe best gay bar in Mykonos that will sweep you off your feet! In the most positive way, of course.

The moment you step inside our indoor club, you will easily forget the world outside. The most popular DJs from all around the globe come here to perform the music for your ears. You will enjoy in every single second spent with us, due to our pleasant interior and cozy and relaxing atmosphere. With our latest HQ sound system and modern LED lights, you will dance like never before in your life! Also, there is a reason why we have the reputation of the best bar in Mykonos. That is because we organize the most spectacular gay parties around here every single night! And, if it’s your first time in a gay club – don’t worry. Our friendly staff will make sure that you feel like you’re at home and have a great time!

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Don’t waste your time no more! If you haven’t, book your holiday now and have the best summer 2019 in Mykonos! New season at Porta Bar is at its peak! We will be more than happy to welcome you.

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