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In just less than a month, the whole world will be saying goodbye to the year of 2019. This year had its share of good and bad moments. But, everyone hopes that the year 2020 will be better in every single way. Now is “that” period of the year when people are making plans where will they spend the New Year’s Eve and following holidays. Therefore, many people decide to travel to some exotic and far destinations, so they could have the most memorable New Year’s celebration ever. If that destination is Greece, trust us, you won’t regret by celebrating a New Year in Mykonos.

Of course, Mykonos shines in all of its glory during hot summer. At the peak of the season, everything is so lively, diverse and vibrant out here. Actually, things are so great in summer in Mykonos, that many celebrities eagerly visit this island!  However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t experience New Year’s spirit and atmosphere in Mykonos during winter.

Things are much calmer and more tranquil in cold, winter months. Nevertheless, this doesn’t change the fact that you can enjoy in New Year’s activities in Mykonos.

New Year In Mykonos – What Are The Customs?

Celebrating New Year in Mykonos is not just an ordinary festivity. Oh, no. Nations all over the world have their own customs, which they obey during winter holidays. These holidays particularly include New Year and Christmas, as well. With that being said, Mykonians have several outstanding, traditional customs during New Year’s holidays that make everything look so dynamic and exciting.

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Traditional orthodox custom in Mykonos during the New Year is to put a coin in the sweetest New Year’s cake. Name of the coin is Flouri, and the name of the cake is Vassilopita. The head of the family, then, blesses the cake with a cross sign three times, and then cuts it into pieces. The family member that gets the piece of Vassilopita with coin will be the luckiest person in the following year, the custom says.

After the clock passes 00:00, Mykonians throw the pomegranate on the floor of the house. This fruit symbolizes the luck and prosperity. Definitely the favourite custom during the New Year is exchanging the presents and gifts among people.

Activities That Will Fulfill Your Heart, Soul And Stomach

As you probably know, Mykonos in December and in January has way less crowd than in hot, summer months. This means that New Year in Mykonos can be your perfect getaway from people and from all of your obligations, troubles and worries. You can come with your family, best friends or with your love partner. In this last case, just imagine – spending the New Year’s Eve in the most romantic places in Mykonos. A brilliant idea, isn’t it?

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During the winter holidays and New Year, Mykonos becomes really captivating and enchanting place to be. When you walk the streets of Mykonos in the New Year’s Eve, you can participate in many splendid activities. For example, you can listen to the music of the traditional folk musicians. You can watch an amazing firework spectacle in the sky. And, when the midnight comes, then everything bursts out of the fantastic and unbelievable celebration throughout the whole Greece!

You will see that the windows and tables are decorated with many honey cookies with a sugar on the top. Speaking of food specialties, restaurants in Mykonos during New Year’s holidays offer only the best Greek food! Kopanisti, Amygdalota, Kremidopita… These are just some of the delicious foods that you have to try when you’re visiting Mykonos in New Year.

Perfect Celebration – The Best Parties During New Year’s Eve

New Year represents the new beginning. The new chapter in life. This is why Mykonians have the habit to turn off all the lights and turn them on again in a couple seconds later, after the midnight. They believe that this custom will bring them happiness and joyfulness.

So, say goodbye to the year 2019 in the best way possible and welcome the year 2020 in the perfect manner! There’s no better way to do it than to party all night long! Only this way New Year in Mykonos will turn out to be an unforgettable event! The best nightclub in Mykonos where you can spend a marvelous New Year’s Eve is, undoubtedly, Porta Bar.

Our fancy, exclusive and open-minded indoor nightclub, located in the center of Mykonos town, offers you only the best service! This is why Porta Bar has an informal, but distinguished reputation of the best gay club in Mykonos. We have everything that you need for your ultimate and superb pleasure!

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The best DJ music, the most popular hits, latest sound system, modern LED light dance floor, the tastiest cocktails… You name it – Porta Bar Mykonos has it! Once you enter our club, you will easily forget the world outside. With our polite staff and cozy people, you will also make friends in no time!

Think of a New Year’s wish and make it come true at our club.

Happy upcoming holidays everyone! 

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