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Summer 2019 is getting closer by each and every day. And all of us are eagerly looking forward to it. This is ideal time to bring to your life some excitement and to visit some amazing places. If you still haven’t decided where will you spend your holiday, don’t worry, beacuse we have the answer. New season at Porta Bar Mykonos has just begun and we highly recommend to start your summer journey in this awesome Greece club.

As you already know, Mykonos is the island in Greece most known for the best parties in entire Europe. It is the most favourite holiday destination for partygoers and tourists who want to “spice things up” a bit in their lives. There are practically milion reasons why you should visit Mykonos. Beautiful beaches, amazing sights, absolute freedom, phenomenal atmosphere, etc. But, if you want to experience truly amazing and incredible nightlife, then Porta Bar in Mykonos is perfect place for you.

New Season At Porta Bar Mykonos – Music That Will “Shake” You From Head To Toes

When it comes to music, all differences betwen people disappear quickly in one second. Because music is the only thing on this planet that connects people from all around the world. Moreover, you can’t imagine great party without great music. This is the thing that distinguishes Porta Bar from all the other clubs and what makes this bar the best gay club in Mykonos.

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The most famous and the most talented DJs from all around the globe perform here. And they play, beside popular party music and hits, the best gay anthems. Porta Bar in Mykonos has the most modern LED light dancefloor which makes the atmosphere here unique and powerful. The moment you step in Porta Bar you’ll feel positive vibes and you’ll unveil your trueself in a matter of time. Literally everything in this club is about being open minded. With loud music here, you will be rocking, swaying and shaking like you’ve never done it before in your life.

Feel The Unique Taste Of Mykonos – Enjoy In Tasty Mediterranean Drinks And Specialties

Traditional food and drinks are definitely the number one symbol of Greece. They are considered to be the essential part of Greek culture. There is a common belief in this Balkan country that people have better understanding of life when they try delicious beverages and specialties here. But, the new season at Porta Bar Mykonos offers you the most luscious cocktails which you will want to drink over and over again.

Tasty and exotic cocktails are, without any doubt and with their colourful look, inevitable ingredient of every celebration and party. With fancy decoration and mix of fresh fruits and alcohol, these cocktails will definitely get you in the mood. In Porta Bar Mykonos pleasant and friendly bartenders make perfect summer cocktails. These beverages have just the right amount of alcohol to spice up and “warm up” the already hot nightlife in Mykonos! They will help you enjoy in every single second in this bar. Also, they will enable you to have the greatest time in a gay club, such as Porta Bar.

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If you prefer to party without alcohol, that is perfectly fine. There are plenty of non-alcoholic drinks here that you can have and enjoy in every sip.

Experience That You Will Remember – Parties Here Never Stop

Positive, vibrant and thrilling atmosphere is the key for having a great party. With that being said, new season at Porta Bar Mykonos begins with high dose of energy boost. Best gay parties in Porta Bar Mykonos never stop and they include entertainment for everyone. They also make the nightlife in Mykonos the most outstanding experience.

Parties in Porta Bar are great opportunity to meet someone new and make friends with he. Or she. Who knows, maybe you become something more than friends, you never know what life brings. Even if you are first time in a gay club, not to worry. Atmosphere in Porta Bar is really positive, friendly and cozy, and will make you feel like you are at home. When you are partying here, it doesn’t matter who you are. The only thing that matters here is that you are full of positive energy and not judgmental. With being open minded, you will surely have the great time in this gay club.

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Also, indoor nightclubs, like Porta Bar, should be your number one choice when you come to Mykonos, because they are more exclusive and more discreet. We can say, with a lot of sureness, that you won’t regret if you come to our club to show off your best party and dancing skills. So, get ready for the most incredible experience in Greece!

Don’t wait any longer. Book your holiday now, visit us and create the most amazing memories in your life. We’ll be more than pleased to welcome you.

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