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If you are a party enthusiast willing to have the time of your life this summer, then our Mykonos nightlife guide for 2020 will definitely help you!

Mykonos is a beautiful island in Aegean sea where nothing is impossible! It is a stylish, luxurious and cosmopolitan island that nature made for everyone’s taste. Whoever came to this island, didn’t want to go back home. And we completely understand it.

Amazing landscapes, fantastic beaches next to the crystal clear turquoise water and plenty of magnificent places to visit…. Believe it or not, these things are just a part of the Mykonos endless charm and charisma.

However, as you probably know, the thing that distinguishes Mykonos for other holiday destinations is glamorous nightlife. There is no place on Earth like Mykonos that offers so much excitement and entertainment at night! The best parties happen in Mykonos, which is why millions of tourists and youngsters visit this island each and every year.

Oh, you’re going to have so much fun, you simply can’t imagine it! So, this summer, get ready for the most memorable holiday in Mykonos.

Follow Mykonos nightlife guide and prepare yourself for partying until the first rays of sunshine in dawn touch your face.

Mykonos Nightlife Guide – Music, Drinks And Food For Warming Up 

It is an undeniable fact the lifestyle in Mykonos attracts a lot of people with its glam and extravagance. Of course, during the day you can have a lot of joy on Mykonos sandy beaches. Exceptional parties are present here, as well, which is why you can indulge in Mykonos beach parties!

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But, the real magic starts to happen in the evening hours, when you should get warmed for superior Mykonos nightlife. You know how they say – Greece is the land of beautiful women, traditional music and cuisine.

Therefore, with the first sunset, you can visit plenty of restaurants, bars and taverns to try delicious Mediterranean food. The best place for it is, undoubtedly, Little Venice. It is a small picturesque quart and the most visited and photographed place in Mykonos.

Each bite of Mykonian food will be the explosion of taste in your mouth. Each sip of Mykonian traditional drinks will feel like an exotic pleasure for all of your senses.

Nevertheless, Mykonos has a lot of cafes which offer a great selection of music that will keep your toes tapping. Don’t worry, this is just a preparation. Later on, you will definitely experience the wildest and most active parties in Mykonos during the night.

Cocktails That Will Satisfy Each Part Of Your Soul 

Traditional Greek drinks are totally fine and tasty, and everyone should try them. But, besides them, night out in Mykonos is unimaginable without exotic beverages like cocktails! This type of drink is a perfect company in tropical summer nights full of vivacious and lively vibes! The reason being is that they are made with a lot of love, passion and desire – that’s the secret recipe of their success!

Mykonos nightlife guide definitely goes hand in hand with colourful cocktails that will refresh you up after the hot day! They will give you the boost of energy to party all day and night long. With their vivid look and fancy decorations they will match your outfit for the night out. Also, with their small umbrellas and tasty pieces of  fruit, they make quite an impression on anyone.

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Mykonos deluxe cocktails will not hit your head immediately. But, they have just the amount of the alcohol that you need for astonishing partying during the night. There are a lot of cocktails you will “fall in love with” as soon as you try them.

We are talking about Aegean Fizz, Greek Mojito, Brown Volcano, Sizzling Ouzo, Mediterranean Manhattan, and many others.

So, if you want to “get addicted” to sprightly cocktails in Mykonos, then the best cocktail bar in this island waits for you.

The Best Nightclub In Mykonos For The Best Experience 

Mykonos established itself as the world’s best party and nightlife destination. There is a reason why people call Mykonos “the party animal of Greece” or “the Ibiza of Greece”. Glamorous parties in Mykonos leave no one indifferent! A splendid nightlife in Mykonos is what made this island so captivating and popular.

The high volume of Mykonos parties will help you preserve the youthful look and spirit! Your life will never be the same when you experience energetic Mykonos at night. In a positive way, of course.

So, a Mykonos nightlife guide includes going out to the best nightclub in Mykonos. If you want to experience an unbelievable Mykonos night partying style, then Porta Bar Mykonos is just the place for you!

The moment you enter our indoor nightclub, you will forget all of your troubles and worries. Our fancy, open-minded and cozy venue offers you only the best party moments in your life! We have the latest LED lighting and sound system and everyone can enjoy in the most popular music genres. House and funky music, DJ music, disco, R’n’B and all time greatest hits from 80’s, 90’s – you name it, we play it!

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Also, Porta Bar Mykonos offers to all of our guests a great selection of unbeatable cocktails. They easily transform an ordinary party into the hottest party in Mykonos!

If you’re a first time in Mykonos, not to worry. Our friendly and polite staff, along with the mesmerizing party atmosphere, will make you feel like you’re at home.

Don’t wait no more! Book your flight reservation now and start packing your suitcases for Mykonos! We are waiting for your arrival. Parties at Porta Bar Mykonos never stop

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