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What is it like to go to Mykonos island in spring? Is it worth visiting Mykonos during this season? The answer is simple – yes, you should definitely come to this amazing island during warm and the most pleasant part of the year.

Beautiful spring – we missed you so much! However, if we look at the calendar, formally, it is still winter in Mykonos, but spring will come quicker than you think! Spring is practically the part of the year when everything starts to wake up in Mykonos and gets its shine and gloss. The flowers are getting to be more colourful, the combination of unique blue Aegean sea and natural green landscapes is coming to life!

The people’s positive energy gets so contagious and there’s no more winter lethargy or depression. But, most importantly, with more sunny days, you will realize that the summer in Mykonos is getting really close. This means only one thing – prepare yourself for the most stunning holiday in Mykonos this year.

Mykonos Island In Spring – March, As The Beginning Of Waking Up

As odd as it seems, the best advantage of Mykonos island in spring is that there is no crowd so much. It is still low-season. However, March is the month when people all over the world begin to travel to Mykonos.

The whole island is somehow getting more colours and brightness. Everything begins to blossom and Mykonos looks truly impressive, vivid and full of life!

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Due to the fact that there are no many tourists in Mykonos during this time of the year, this means that March is an ideal month for exploring this island. You can pay a visit to famous Mykonos Windmills, Church of Panagia Paraportiani or outstanding Armenistis Lighthouse.

You will feel on your skin that the weather conditions are also getting better and more enjoyable. The temperatures can reach up to 20 degrees Celsius. But, we have to mention that nights are still chilly and there could be rainy and stormy days.

Delightful April in Mykonos

April’s one of the most favourite month for many people. The reason being is that April signifies the beginning of spring vacations. Approximately, this happens around Easter¬† – the holiday that commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.

So, with this being said, Many Europeans decide to come to Mykonos during the Easter holiday, because there are many charming lovely customs of this religious-cultural event.

Restaurants, bars and taverns in Mykonos island in spring during April begin to work at full capacity. If you still haven’t, then make sure to try the delicious Mykonian food or traditional drinks in these places. Trust us, just one single taste will knock you off your feet!

Now, compared to March, the weather is getting really pleasurable, and you can wear lighter clothes. We have to mention that it still isn’t the right time to go for a swim. But, you can take a long walk on incredible Mykonos beaches. The temperature fluctuates around 22 degrees Celsius, which means it is an excellent time to organize romantic holiday with your love partner. Not cold, not too hot – and ideal weather!

We recommend visiting the most photographed place in Mykonos – the magnificent Little Venice. Enjoy watching the most beautiful sunset on this island from this location.

Mykonos Island in Spring – Perfect May

Probably the best time to visit Mykonos during spring is in May. Why? Because you can practically do anything that you want. Believe it or not, May is the very beginning of the high-season in Mykonos.

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More and more visitors from all around the globe are coming to this island in order to have the best fun. Basically, everything becomes busy and relatively crowded. Regardless to this fact, you can still make a reservation in the hotels or villas with the best reviews.

If you’re shopaholic, then feel free to visit the main street of central happenings in Mykonos – Matoyianni street. There are many designer stores, souvenir, handmade and jewelry shops that can make you busy all day.

Needless to say that the weather starts to resemble as in hot summer season. Sunny days are getting more intense and rainy days are slowly becoming past.

Although it’s not that hot, as in July or August, people don’t hesitate do take a swim in the crystal clear Aegean sea and enjoy themselves in wonderful Mykonian beaches. The temperature reaches up to 28 degrees.

Spring Is The Time When Things Start To Get Hot!

As we can see, there are no reasons not to visit Mykonos island in spring. It is your chance to enjoy in perfect holiday with perfect weather conditions.

You already know that Mykonos has a world-wide reputation of the “party animal of Greece“. The best thing about Mykonos in spring is that party atmosphere is also getting hotter, wild and free! Keep in mind that partying in Mykonos can benefit you in a lot of ways. If you want to experience the most extravagant and the most exclusive party atmosphere, then Porta Bar Mykonos is the right place for you.

Our indoor, cozy, fancy and open-minded club has a reputation of the best nightclub in Mykonos. With that on your mind, we offer you only the best things for your superb experience in Mykonos. Phenomenal DJ music, LED lights dance floor, latest sound system, relaxed and mesmerizing ambiance, the tastiest cocktails, polite people, friendly atmosphere… You want it – we have it!

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The thing that distinguishes us from other nightclubs is that every night is a party night at Porta Bar Mykonos!

Spend the upcoming spring holiday in the best way possible. Porta Bar Mykonos will be more than pleased to help you with that. We are waiting for your arrival.

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