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Mykonos Instagram spots are locations where you can take the most memorable photos on your holiday.

Mykonos is, undoubtedly, the slice of paradise not only in Greece, but in the entire Europe as well. The moment you step your foot on this island, you will feel what the luxurious life of Mykonos looks like. This cosmopolitan, summer and exotic destination definitely has it all for your perfect vacation. Fantastic beaches, outstanding landscapes, historical places and, of course, never-ending nightlife. Everything in one package, shall we say.

However, Mykonos scenery makes this island an impeccable place for taking amazing photos. Basically, you will love every single corner of this island and you will want to take a picture or selfie. Take this opportunity to shine on your Instagram account and to show everyone how much you are having fun in Mykonos!

So, while in Mykonos, don’t forget to visit the most instagrammable spots on this beautiful island. In this article, we have prepared the top 5 Instagram worthy places in Mykonos.

Mykonos Instagram Spots – Kato Milli Windmills 

For sure, there are many magnificent places in Mykonos. But, Mykonos Windmills should be the first place on your list of locations to visit in this island. They represent the inevitable and the important part of this island’s charm and tradition. It used to be the sailor’s most favorite stop.

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Nowadays, an architecture and structure of this landmark present one of the most famous Mykonons Instagram spots. Particularly, we are talking about Kato Milli Windmills. People also call this place Five Windmills. These windmills have the most stunning view of Mykonos town and crystal clear sea. Due to this fact, Kato Milli Windmills get really busy in the afternoon, because many want to see an iconic feature of Mykonos. So, grab your chance to take a memorable Instagram photo here.

Little Venice – The Star Of Mykonos 

When we are talking about Mykonos Instagram spots and the most eminent places in this island, Little Venice is surely one of them. This picturesque place is really the most valuable jewel of Mykonos. It has many lovely restaurants, bistros, little houses, shops, taverns and cafes…. By its look, this place resembles an Italian city, Venice, which is how this spot got its name and “title”.

The location of Little Venice is right below the Five Windmills we were talking about previously. It is one of the most romantic places in Mykonos.

Take a chance to go to Little Venice in the evening hours, right before the sun comes down. This is because you can watch an incredible sunset from this location.

Mykonos Instagram Spots – Panachra Church

Mykonos has many things to offer to its visitors. One of the most amazing facts about this island is that it has almost 800 small churches, chapels and monasteries. Basically, Mykonos is packed with these impressive religious structures.

But, there is specifically one church where literally everyone wants to take a photo in front of this object. We are talking about Panachra Church.


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It is probably the cutest white church in this island. You will find the Panachra Curch in the back streets of Little Venice. And, you will recognize it by its vivid flag lining. Keep in mind that this place tends to get really busy. So, our recommendation is to come in the early morning to take the best Instagram picture.

Don’t Miss Taking A Photo In Front Of The Paraportiani Church

Speaking of churches, as Mykonos Instagram spots, you don’t want to miss the Paraportiani Church. It is the most famous church in entire Mykonos.

And, actually, this is not only one church. This religious site consists out of five remarkable little churches. They were not all built at once, but gradually – from 14th to 17th century. The fifth church, that stands above other four churches, looks like a dome. Nevertheless, this church is the most photographed church, not just in Greece, but in the whole world, as well.

The white color of the church, combined with the blue sky, makes this place one of the most photogenic places in Mykonos.

From Streets To Beaches – Everything Is Instagrammable

Anywhere you go in Mykonos, you will come across wonderful and unique cobblestone streets. You won’t make a mistake if you pick one day just to wander on the streets of Mykonos. The streets and the spectacular buildings that surround them will leave you breathless.

And, of course, being the summer destination, Mykonos has first-rate beaches that are made for everyone’s taste. Don’t forget to take a photo you will always remember, while you are lying in the sand and tapping your toes in the sea.

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As we can see, there are plenty of Mykonos Instagram spots that will blow your mind. However, when you finish your day posting photos on your Instagram account, it is time to freshen up and “dive into” the Mykonos nightlife.

This island is the place where the best parties happen! So, it’s no wonder that people call Mykonos the “party animal of Greece“.

Porta Bar – Your Piece Of Heaven In Mykonos

If you want to experience the wildest night out in Mykonos, then Porta Bar is just the place for you! We are proud to say that we have the reputation of the best nightclub in Mykonos. This is because our cozy, little and open-minded club has everything that you need for your unbelievable experience.

The best DJ music, the latest sound system, LCD dance floor, friendly staff, the tastiest cocktails, joyful atmosphere… You name it, we have it! Also, keep in mind that every night is a party night at Porta Bar Mykonos.

Feel free to visit us! Expect only the best, and forget the rest. Once you experience Porta Bar Mykonos, you will easily leave behind you all your worries and troubles. We are waiting for you.

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