Mykonos in October

Many people believe that there’s no point in visiting Mykonos during the autumn months, but the truth is – they don’t know what they’re missing. There are a number of reasons why going to this Greek island in October might be a great idea and we’re going to show you why. The mild climate, breath-taking sights and wild night outs keep Mykonos interesting throughout the year. Here are just a couple of reasons why you should visit Mykonos in October.

Mykonos Climate

Mykonos is located in the northern part of the Cyclades, which means it has a mild climate. Even when the temperatures start dropping a little bit, the warm Aegean sea helps keep the balance. Most of the autumn, you get a comfortable temperature of about 20°C (68°F), which is quite pleasant near the sea.

This is the perfect weather for casual swimming sessions, water sport activities or just relaxing near the sea. The benefit of it all is that the beaches are a lot less crowded. You get to enjoy the beautiful warm water by yourself. Mykonos in October is a perfect setting for an intimate night with your loved ones.

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Wild Parties

Two main saints that are celebrated during the month of October are St. Gerasimos and St. Artemius. Now, why do you need to know that? Because during October, most islands celebrate this special day with an all-out feast filled with good wine and traditional specialties. You simply have to experience this public celebration.

Of course, Mykonos is also known for its wild night life. There are numerous clubs and bars that offer you some great late night entertainment, so make sure you check them out. If you’re looking for the best, there’s no better experience than the one Porta Bar Mykonos offers.

Mykonos Landmarks in October

If you’ve ever been on this island, you’ve probably visited the gorgeous Mykonos windmills. They are unique cultural landmarks that will astound you with their beauty especially during the colder months. That’s the time when those famous winds of Mykonos show their full strength and power the windmills. It’s quite a sight.

Besides that, as the sun starts setting a bit earlier, you get a better chance at observing the mind-blowing sunsets that only Mykonos in October can offer. We recommend you stroll down to the Little Venice and enjoy the dance of the light from there.

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Porta Bar Mykonos in October

For all you party-goers out there, we need to remind you of one thing – Porta Bar Mykonos will be open in October as well. If you’ve decided to enjoy the calm and warm sea off-season, and experience the island like the locals do, you need to drop by and say hello. We can guarantee you some good time with the best DJs, the finest cocktails, spacious dancefloor, and a gay-friendly atmosphere you’ll love. Feel free to visit our website and see what we have to offer. Also, if you have any other questions about the club, just contact us and we’ll be happy to fill you in.

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