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Nowadays, there is no person on this planet who isn’t planning how to spend the upcoming holiday. And everyone is looking forward to vacation and break from everyday worries. Because, you should know that the summer 2019 is getting really fast and really quickly! Someone wants to relax in the village and someone wants to go on the mountain. But, the majority of people desperately want to go on a seaside. And, one of the best places in this world to spend the most exciting summer holiday is definitely Mykonos, Greece. Nevertheless, if you want to experience the real life adventure in this beautiful and colourful island, then we certainly recommend Mykonos boat ride. 

When you find yourself in Mykonos, going first to take pleasure in an amazing beaches and sea view is an excellent idea. Being lazy and enjoy all day (and night) long in crystal clear blue water and delightful drinks is the purpose of any summer holiday. But, if you want to experience much more than that, then you should rent a boat and sail like a boss! So, let your journey in Mykonos start with life-changing boat trip. And get ready for the most incredible experience in the summer of 2019!

Mykonos Boat Ride – Let The “Excursion” Start With Delos

If you’ve decided to cruise in Aegean sea, then your Mykonos boat ride should start by visiting Delos. This island is also called “the island of light”. It is an ancient island and represents one of the most historical and archeological sites in entire Greece. Delos is a sanctuary and birthplace of Apollo and Artemis, children of Zeus and Leto. Basically, this whole island is like museum. Every step on this hilly terrain can describe the centuries and people who have created Europe.

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Delos is practically small island – just five kilometers long and slightly more than a kilometer wide. And it is situated in the very heart of Cyclades Archipelago. But, despite its physical dimensions, Delos has significantly big impact on Greek people due to its rich history. Tourists can come to Delos from Mykonos Town with organized tour excursions or with private boat charters.

But, the biggest question here is – what can visitors see in Delos? There is an archeological museum here, wich is the most famous museum in Greece! It has a statue of Apollo and a significant collection of tombstones and sculptures from the 7th to the 1st century BC. You can also see here the Temple of the Delians, the Minoan Fountain, the Marble Lions, and many other things.

A Trip To Rineia Will Make Your Day

Experience of tourists over the decades has shown that everyone wants to go and see Rineia while on the Mykonos boat ride. Rineia is a great, uninhabited island, located west from Delos. Visitors simply adore this island because Rineia is the place they could only dream of so far. Basically, no one lives here except some cows and old herdsman.

Rineia is also a little island in the Cyclades, around 14 km2 . Just a small amount of sea separates Rineia and Delos, and it is 1 kilometer wide. Once upon a time, about 7000 years ago, first inhabitants have settled here. People used to live in Rineia until 1980, but there is practically no population here since then. Which is great news for adventurers and explorers.

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As well as Delos, Rineia is an amazing archeological site. You can discover Rematiaris islands here and when you continue your journey you’ll come across to coast of Rineia. Also, walking across this spot is fantastic idea. Because you’ll see an old farmhouse and small historical churches that people have built up here throughout the centuries.Thanks to the separated beaches, you can find your own peace in here, if you don’t want to be in crowded Mykonos beaches. You can have an enjoyable and peaceful swim here, without worrying is someone going to bother you. Just you, Rineia and untouched nature. Amazing!

Mykonos Boat Ride – Explore The Purity Of Mykonos Beaches

Your Mykonos boat ride doesn’t end with dropping by to Delos and Rineia. As you already know, Mykonos has a lot of sights and pleasures to offer to everyone. There are many things you can do on this island in order to make the most memorable moments of your life. But, by cruising in an Aegean sea, you can visit the most amazing beaches in Mykonos whose landscapes will make you breathless.

If you are on a boat journey in Mykonos, then you shouldn’t skip a popular Ornos beach. Then, your next stop would be a cosmopolitan Psarou beach. Here you can meet many celebrities that come on their holiday in Mykonos! Beach of Agia Anna is also stunning and excellent for beach safari. Don’t forget to visit a Paraga beach, Elia beach, Paradise beach, but most importantly, you have to see the Super Paradise beach. There is a reason why this beach is one of the most lustful and sinful places in Mykonos.

There are many other beaches in Mykonos that you can visit because they have unreal, natural pulchritude. They are made for everyone’s taste: for families with children, nudists, couples, romantic souls and solo players. We can say that beaches in this island represent the paradise on earth.

Journey In Mykonos – Have The Time Of Your Life In Porta Bar

Let’s be honest. Mykonos is the world’s most famous island for wild and crazy nights out where the parties never stop! That’s exactly why people call Mykonos – an island of glamour and hedonism. The real party animal of Greece! If you are still asking yourself what to visit in Mykonos – don’t worry, we have the answer.

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The most popular bar in this island is definitely Porta Bar. This is the best gay bar in Mykonos where everyone who wants to have fun is more than welcome. The world’s most popular DJs and amazing dance floor with LED lights in this club will make you feel like you’re a real star. You can have the most delicious cocktails and meet new people while dancing like you never did before in your life. You will have a really great time in this gay club. And, don’t worry if you find yourself for the first time in a gay club – atmosphere here is friendly, polite and our staff is really amicable. You will feel like you’re at home.

So, don’t waste your time no more! Book your holiday now, because new season at Porta Bar has started! We are and we will be waiting for you.

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