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Nowadays, everyone who wants to go to Mykonos this summer has many questions on his mind. “What is Mykonos beach life during coronavirus going to look like?” “Will there be any changes?” “Is Mykonos safe island?” “When is the tourist season in Mykonos going to start exactly?”

These are just some of the dilemmas potential visitors have. And, they are quite normal, taking into account coronavirus crisis.

Greece (and particularly Mykonos) is the most popular summer destination for millions of tourists from all around the globe. This is why many people had believed that coronavirus pandemic will be disastrous in this country. But, the truth is – they were so wrong. The reason being is that one of the oldest countries in Europe had good preparation for this contagious disease. Greece took early steps to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. That is why this country was so successful in preventing the expansion of this virus.

Cancellation of carnivals, closing schools, universities, cafes, restaurants, national lockdown, home quarantines.. Precautionary measures were taken on time. And, people didn’t have any troubles accepting and implementing them.

However, tourist season in Greece and Mykonos will begin soon. Are there going to be any changes on beach rules in Mykonos? According to the Greece authorities, Mykonos beach life during coronavirus will somehow be different. Here is how.

Mykonos Beach Life During Coronavirus – Water Is Safe

Mykonos beaches present the heaven on Earth. Anyone who has visited Mykonos just once, knows how beautiful and mesmerizing Mykonos sandy beaches are.

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However, keep in mind that coronavirus will not affect just beaches in Mykonos this summer. This virus will have its effects on any other beach in Greece. Due to this fact, there probably will be some restrictions, because beaches are the most crowded places.

The good news is that the Aegean sea and the water overall are safe. Water is good insulator, scientists say. Water does not allow the virus to spread easily. In other words, swimming in the area where there is no mass of people has minimum or no risk of coronavirus at all. This also applies when swimming in the hotel pools, due to chlorine. These are all completely safe activities.

However, the thing that worries the local authorities are the activities outside the water. This is why they are considering the following measures:

  • Organized and single entrances on the beaches;
  • Cleaning sunbeds with disinfectants;
  • Distance between sunbeds and umbrellas;
  • Sunbed reservations.

Social Distance Applies To The Beaches As Well

The tourist season in Mykonos usually begins in late May or in early June. However, this year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, probably the best time to visit Mykonos will be in July. Together with these upcoming changes of the tourist season, Mykonos beach life during coronavirus will have its changes, as well.

You’ve already heard it. The most popular sentence during coronavirus pandemic was (and still is) – “keep the social distance”. This rule will also apply to beaches in Mykonos.

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First of all, sunbeds and umbrellas will have distance between them in organized beaches. This means that there will be less sunbeds and umbrellas on the beaches and, consequently, less crowd. According to the greekreporter, in order to keep social distance in beaches, you will have to make a reservation of sunbed. Hopefully, this measure will eliminate the mass rush on the entrance of the beaches. The contacts between people will be minimized.

When you leave the beach and sunbeds, the staff will clean the sunbeds and parasols with the special disinfectant. This will be mandatory.

Mykonos Beach Life During Coronavirus – This Is What Is Going To Look Like In Summer 2020?

Keep in mind that the authorities are just considering these measures and they are not definitive. However, there is one boldly innovative idea which will ensure that people still go to the beaches this summer. Also, this idea will ensure that people feel nice and safe at the same time, while being on summer holiday.

It will look something like this:

And, like this:

Cubicles made out of the plexiglass will be around every sunbed and parasol on the beach. Their dimensions will be approximately two meters high and four to five meters long. Just so you know, this idea has already been tested in Italy.

This is why many countries with developed tourism, including Greece, are optimistic about the following summer season. It is because these boxes present the combination of safe and pleasant holiday during coronavirus crisis.

You stay inside in this cubicle box. But the idea itself is “outside of the box”. What are your thoughts on this? Do you approve it?

When Crisis Is Over, Wild Parties Begin 

Keep in mind that the authorities are just considering these measures and they are not definitive.

All in all, if these measures “come to life”, they will not last long. It is because the coronavirus pandemic is coming to an end, and soon this disease will be our distant past. So, there are really no reasons to worry about. The summer holiday in Mykonos 2020 can still be your best vacation ever! We guarantee that!

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