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Mykonos is an island that many people consider to be the capital of European party culture. Just one night out in Mykonos is a unique and unforgettable experience here. Besides astonishing parties, this island has many other exceptional things to offer to anyone who visits Mykonos. Fascinating beaches, great luxury apartments and villas, phenomenal landmarks, etc. But, you should know that there are less known facts about Mykonos that are really stunning!

Therefore, there are some amazing things about Mykonos that you probably didn’t know. But, in this blog we’ll talk about top five practically unknown facts about this mesmerizing island. We are pretty sure that they will blow your mind!

Less Known Facts About Mykonos – Interesting History

Overall, the history of ancient Greece had a huge impact on European national and cultural heritage. However, the rich history of this country had a positive effect on the rest of the world’s civilization as well. Nevertheless, Mykonos took its part in creating Hellenistic history.

According to Greek mythology, the famous war between Zeus and Titans happened in Mykonos. And the Mykonos got its name by a local hero. His name was Mykonos and he was a son of Anios Karistos. Also, pirates used to love to come to Mykonos! This island was their favourite place to drink beer and hang out. Athenians, after the Peloponnesian War, made an interesting decision. They didn’t allow births or burials on the Island of Delos. It’s a place close to Mykonos.

The Most Overlooked Place In Mykonos

Mykonos has everything for everyone’s incredible vacation. But one of the less known facts about Mykonos is about this particular landscape or sight. Many people somehow forget to visit this landmark when they come to Mykonos. We are talking about Armenistis Lighthouse.

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This silent and historic site has one of the most beautiful views in entire island. It was built in 1891, but it is fully functional even today! Back in the days, Armenistis Lighthouse was important strategic point for sailors. But today you can enjoy in magnificent and spectacular beauty of Mykonos just by visiting this site. You can go to Little Venice to take pleasure in watching unimaginable sunset in Mykonos. However, you won’t regret if you do the same thing by paying a visit to Armenistis Lighthouse.

Less Known Facts About Mykonos – Colours Are Everything

Mick Jagger and the “Rolling Stones” had a famous song “Paint It Black“. Well, Mykonos is quite opposite of it. There is something magical, overwhelming and mysterious about paint in this island.

Once you visit Mykonos, you’ll immediately notice the following thing. Basically, all the buildings are painted in just three different colours. Red, blue and green. And this a strict colour code. All the doors and windows must be painted in these colours, because they represent the habit of old sailor’s days. Actually, these colours preserve the legitimacy and the authenticity of this island.

Additionally, the walls of the buildings are white. This “scene” makes an outstanding colourful contrast.

Mykonos In Numbers

The truth is – statistics and numbers never lie! So, the less known facts about Mykonos include these digits. According to the official information, there are 11.000 permanent residents on this island. But, don’t let this data fool you. Because, during the hot summer months this number gets way bigger.

Over 50.000 people visit and stay in Mykonos just in one day. And, over two million tourists come to Mykonos every single year! There are more than 70 country fairs and other events organized in Mykonos in just one year. Also, Mykonos has over 800 churches and more than 100 clubs! You’ll admit that these are truly impressive numbers.

Petros The Pelican And His Little Adventure In USA

This is probably one of the most interesting things about Mykonos. Everyone knows that Petros the Pelican is the most famous creature in Mykonos. Unfortunately, this bird has died in a car accident in 1985. But, he had a really amazing and unique life.

And, this pelican also had a storytelling adventure while being in USA in 1970s.

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He went to New York, where he took part in filming some project. At one point everyone noticed that Petros the Pelican was missing. So, people start looking for him. No one knew that Petros went for a walk on its own. Eventually, they have found him sleeping on the avenue between vehicles.

Porta Bar – Your Best Experience in Mykonos

We hope that this blog has helped you to discover Mykonos in a different way. And, we sure hope that this less known facts about Mykonos made your day. But, as we have mentioned in the beginning of this blog, Mykonos is a party animal of Greece. If you want to party in the best nightclub in Mykonos, then you should definitely visit Porta BarWhen you experience Porta Bar Mykonos, it is really easy to forget the world outside.

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