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Is Mykonos a safe island? Many people eagerly want to know the answer to this question from year to year. However, nowadays, people are questioning the safety of the entire Greece, not just Mykonos, due to the latest circumstances with coronavirus.

Travelling around the planet and visiting exotic places is a dream come true for a lot of adventurers. But, as you probably know, the whole world is fighting against the invisible enemy – the notorious coronavirus. This disease (COVID-19), has first appeared in China, in place Wuhan. Now, there is an ongoing pandemic of coronavirus, because this disease is really contagious. People can easily spread this virus from one person to another via touching, coughing, handshaking, etc… Therefore, doctors recommend washing hands regularly with warm water, self-isolation, wearing protective masks and keeping distance from other people (2-3 meters).

And, now you are wondering – why are we telling you all these things? Because the governments of EU countries have closed their borders, so, due to this virus, travelling at this moment isn’t possible.

However, coronavirus will, sooner than you think, become just the part of our past. And, when this pandemic comes to an end, people will still want to know is Mykonos a safe island? Stay with us and find out the answer.

Is Mykonos A Safe Island? The Stats For Coronavirus In Greece

First of all, if you’re planning to come to Mykonos, you need to know is it safe to come to Greece, overall.

As we have said, due to the pandemic of coronavirus, many countries declared a national quarantine, which means no one can leave or enter that specific state. In other words, there are certainly many travel restrictions. Since the March of 23-rd, Greece is in a complete national lockdown state. It’s an attempt of an authorities to stop the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

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All the public places don’t work and the Greek citizens aren’t allowed to leave their homes without signing a legal form stating their purpose. Supermarkets, pharmacies, groceries, bakeries, food delivery companies, pet shops and kiosks are only shops that are open now. People can go to their workplace or to buy food and medicines, walk a pet, go to the doctor, but they need to have an ID with themselves.

By the time of writing this blog, there have been almost 700 cases of coronavirus in Greece, but many of the patients are recovering really fast.

Nevertheless, at the moment of writing this article there have not been reported cases of coronavirus in Mykonos at all! Which is really a good news and the best indicator that Mykonos is a health-safe island. Spring in Mykonos is phenomenal, but as long the coronavirus continues to rise (and as long as it lasts), we recommend not to visit Greece at all. For your and safety of other people.

Are There Really Any Dangers In Mykonos?

As long as we take care of our hygiene and listen to the safety precautions, everything should be fine. Keep in mind, coronavirus will go away eventually. And, when it goes away, one of the main questions will still remain the same – is Mykonos a safe island? Are there really any dangers in Mykonos? What should be the visitors aware of when they visit Mykonos first time?

The truth is – there are not any dangers in Mykonos that you should worry about. However, there are some things you should keep in mind if you want to visit this island.

Mykonos is a windy island and this is not a bad thing for surfers or the ones who like to be lazy and lay down on the fantastic beaches, while the hot sun “strikes down”. Winds will keep the heat away from you in the hot summer months. But, if you want to visit to Mykonos before the summer comes, then the wind can make you a little bit chilly. Especially in the evenings.

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Also, if you want to take an incredible boat tour in Mykonos, you should know that boats don’t go only when it’s way too windy.

Speaking of boat trip, keep in mind a few things about Delos island. If you admire a Greek mythology, you will surely love this place. It is historically and architecturally important place, with amazing past and tradition. But, Delos is also deserted island with no shade, which means you’re going to be very hot out there. So, make sure to wear comfortable shoes, sunscreen, plenty of water and good mood!

Mykonos – An Island Made For Hedonism At Its Best

Mykonos is a Ibiza of Greece or party animal of Greece. Every single party enthusiast knows that this island is the capital of the superb partying all day and night long! In other words, Mykonos is a destination made for ideal holiday and for pure love, pleasure and hedonism. So, it’s no wonder that many celebrities simply adore Mykonos!

But, where there are parties, there is also a drinking. Although drinking Mykonos traditional beverages is enjoyable activity for all senses, don’t exaggerate with them. Be moderate, don’t drink and drive and everything will definitely be perfectly fine.

So, all in all, when you ask yourself “is Mykonos a safe island“, the final answer is – yes, absolutely and without any doubt yes! Also, if you want to make your trip to Mykonos the most memorable vacation ever, then feel free to come to Porta Bar Mykonos!

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Our indoor, fancy and open-minded bar is everything that you need for an outstanding holiday in Mykonos. There is a reason why we have a reputation of the best nightclub in Mykonos.

With the latest sound system, best DJ music, LED light dance floor and friendly people, you will feel like you’re on the top of the world! Nevertheless, we offer you the greatest selection of colourful and vivid cocktails.

Once you enter Porta Bar, all of your troubles and worries will disappear in a matter of seconds. Feel free to drop by and be the part of the best party community in Greece! We are waiting for you.

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