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It is the middle of July and that means that the season of summer holidays is at its highest peak! At this time of year, practically everyone travels somewhere in order to have the best vacation ever. Most of the tourists go to the seaside, so they could enjoy in sandy beaches and relaxing sea water. That is exactly what makes Mykonos the most visited island in Greece during hot summer months. If you’re wondering now how to get to Mykonos island, not to worry.

There are ways to come to this magnificent island from all around the world that are affordable and exciting. It all depends upon your budget and preferences. First of all, there are (direct) flights to Mykonos. And second of all, you can come to this island by vessel. And, not just any vessel, but ferry boat. Whatever the way you choose to get here, you’ll have a wonderful time. You’ll especially have an amazing time when you set your foot on this island! So, let your summer 2019 in Mykonos be the greatest ever!

How To Get To Mykonos Island – Flights Are Easy And Fast Solution

In Mykonos town there is an international airport that is “packed” with tourists and really busy at this specific time of year. From the middle of June until the late August it is a peak of the season in Mykonos! It is basically the best time to visit Mykonos. Visitors from all around the world want to come here, which isn’t a surprise at all. Everyone wants to experience the extraordinary and luxurious life of Mykonos. The easiest and the fastest solution to come to this island is by an airplane.

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There are plenty of direct and very frequent flights to Mykonos from Athens airport. There are at least 15-20 flights from the capital of Greece to Mykonos on daily bases. It should take you around thirty minutes to get here. Also, there are flights to Mykonos airport from Thessaloniki, Santorini, Rhodes and Heraklion. But, if you are not in Greece, you don’t have to worry. There are a lot of charter flights from international airports around the world. For example, there are direct flights to Mykonos airport from Great Britain, Turkey, Italy, and even the USA. To be precise, when we are talking about the United States, you can get to Mykonos via direct flight from New York. Because Mykonos is well known as an island of hedonism, many celebrities come here by an airplane.

For More Adventurous Tourists, Ferries Are Always The Option

Nevertheless, the flights aren’t the only solution to come here. If you are still searching alternative options how to get to Mykonos island, then you’re on the right place. If you like to travel and to spice up things up during your journey, but also want to make it an exciting experience, then you should come to Mykonos by ferry. Everyone who has an adventurous spirit within himself will appreciate getting here by this vessel.

Two main ports in Athens are Rafina and Piraeus ports. From these locations, your journey to Mykonos via ferries can begin. The duration of this trip depends on what port you debark from, what is the speed of the ferry and what is the route. It should take you from 3 to 5 hours. This kind of trip is a really affordable option. So, besides being interesting, getting to Mykonos by ferry is an economic solution, which will spare you from additional costs. Keep in mind that ferries from the ports of Rafina and Piraeus can take you from Mykonos to other Cyclades islands, such as Tinos, Naxos, Paros, etc. During the summer high-season, there are, on a weekly basis, ferries to Mykonos from Heraklio, Crete. To ensure that you will arrive in Mykonos on time, you should pre-book your ferry.

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Your journey via vessel doesn’t have to end when you finally get to Mykonos. You can have a lot of fun and visit awesome places in this island, if you choose to have a Mykonos boat ride.

What To Do First When You Get To Mykonos? Unleash Your Inner Freedom!

Now when you know how to get to Mykonos island, eagerly awaited summer holiday and your life adventure can begin. There are a plenty of things you can do in Mykonos, which will make you feel incredible! You can relax and lay down all day long on fantastic beaches, have a swim in crystal clear sea water, go sightseeing and do many other things. But, as you probably know, the real fun begins when the night comes in Mykonos.

This island is the most popular island in the entire world because of the highest reputation of the phenomenal parties in Mykonos. With this being said, the best place where you can unleash your inner freedom, get wild and have the time of your life is Porta Bar Mykonos. This is, by far, the best gay bar in Mykonos. The quality of music,friendly atmosphere and pleasant interior makes us the most visited club in Mykonos. Nightlife in our bar is really enjoyable for anyone, because the parties never stop! With modern LED lights and the latest sound system, you can dance to your favourite music hits, drink delicious cocktails and have the most memorable experience.

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Don’t wait any longer! Feel free to visit us when you’re in Mykonos, because the new season at Porta Bar has begun! We’ll be more than pleased to welcome you.

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