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What does the honeymoon in Mykonos island look like? What can a new and freshly married couple do in Mykonos for their honeymoon? If you choose Mykonos to be your honeymoon destination, then you and your partner should get ready for the most stunning holiday in your life.

Saying “I do” is probably one of the best feelings in the world. Whether you pronounce it or hear it, this short sentence is an ultimate expression of love. However, many couples have a dilemma even before the marriage – where to celebrate honeymoon? Where can they feel and explore not just the place, but each other, as well?

For sure, there are thousands of alluring places all over the world where couples can relax and celebrate their love. But, spending honeymoon in Mykonos can make your marriage even more exciting. It will help you and your partner develop event stronger bond!

This island has everything for the best experience for newlyweds. Romantic hotels, fantastic beaches, amazing places to see or visit, outstanding traditional architecture and many research opportunities for couples.

Honeymoon In Mykonos Island – Discover The Beauty Of This Place

So, you made your hotel reservation, came to Mykonos and finished with unpacking your suitcases. Finally, your time to enjoy fully with your partner begins! Whether you’ve just got married or you want to celebrate your anniversary, or Valentine’s Day, Mykonos can (and will) be the TOP choice for your love celebration.

First of all, just the atmosphere in Mykonos is charming itself. A small pedestrian streets, impressive spots and picturesque locations will immediately leave you breathless. If you are fantasizing about romantic lunch or dinner, there are many restaurants and taverns. They prepare the best and the most incredible Greek food that will satisfy all of your senses.

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Besides being a party island, this island in Aegean sea has the places where you can watch the most beautiful sunset in the world. One of those places is definitely Little Venice. The huge amount of photos from Mykonos is made just in Little Venice. This place, with trendy bars and restaurants, has most popular background for selfies.

However, you don’t need to go to Little Venice in order to watch the marvelous sunset. You can finish your evening in by visiting the most recognizable part of this island – famous Mykonos Windmills.

But, if you and your partner have an adventurous spirit and want to explore the glory of Mykonos, then go for a boat tour in Mykonos.

Beaches In Mykonos “Made” For Couples And Love Birds

Although Mykonos is known as a superb summer-party destination, that doesn’t mean that you should come to Mykonos only during the hot summer months. Believe us, there is no wrong time to visit Mykonos when you are planning a honeymoon.

You can come here during winter, autumn, spring or summer – it really doesn’t matter! The reason being is – there are many romantic beaches and places where you and your partner can just take a walk, hold your hands together and enjoy the moment.

Nevertheless, honeymoon in Mykonos island is a special occasion and couples should spend it in the best way possible. With this being said, there are some particular beaches that are magnets for “love birds”. We will mention just the few of those beaches.

Paraga Beach. Couples simply adore this place because it is a small beach with a lot of opportunities for nudism. The water is warm, crystal clear and there are practically no waves.

Agios Sostis Beach. If you and your partner want to find the piece of quietness, then this uncrowded beach is your perfect option.

Panormos Beach. If you and your partner are fans of beach parties, then don’t hesitate to come to this beach. This place also has a lot of sunbeds and you can lay all day long drinking your favourite beverage.

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Lia Beach. Probably one of the most popular beaches in Mykonos. It’s a sandy and relaxing beach made for a perfect honeymoon in Mykonos.

Agios Stefanos Beach. Mykonos is known as a windy island, but this beach has a natural wind protection. At this beach you can enjoy with your partner in water sports.

Let The Flame In Your Marriage Last Forever!

As we can see, many interesting activities and wonderful places can make your honeymoon in Mykonos island the most memorable holiday in your life. Due to this fact, you can practically choose how you and your partner can spend your honeymoon and the perfect day in Mykonos.

However, an ideal day on your honeymoon doesn’t end with sunset. Oh, no. That’s the time when you and your partner should get wild and free and let the flame in your marriage be limitless! Once you experience the sweet taste of Mykonos nightlife, you will know why people consider this island to be the party animal of Greece.

So, spend your nights on your honeymoon in Mykonos island by visiting the best nightclub in this island. Undoubtedly, that is Porta Bar Mykonos. In our cozy, fancy and open-minded indoor nightclub newlyweds partygoers will have the only the best service! The tastiest cocktails in Mykonos, preferred DJ music with the latest remixes, LED light dance floor and remarkable sound system. Visiting Porta Bar is a once in a lifetime experience in Mykonos that you don’t want to miss!

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Bartenders, guests and staff are polite and hospitable, which means you can easily make friends, so you and your partner will never feel like you are alone!

If you are planning to get married, then don’t wait no more! Book your honeymoon in Mykonos now and get ready to fall in love with this island. Don’t forget to spend the dazzling nights of parties in Porta Bar Mykonos. We are waiting for you.

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