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Holiday in Mykonos in 2020 will and can be your best and lifelong experience in the following year.

The new year of 2020 is finally with us! Celebration of New Year in Mykonos was fabulous and unforgettable! And, you know how they say – New Year, new me! In other words, people are making New Year’s resolutions and new decisions in their life which they want to fulfill in the year ahead of us. Traveling around the world and making plans for memorable holidays are among those wishes, definitely. With this being said, millions of people from all around the globe are already booking their apartments and vacations for the summer of 2020.

Therefore, visiting Greece and the famous island in this country is never a bad choice. Holiday in Mykonos in 2020 will, undoubtedly, make all of your wishes come true. Here’s why.

Holiday In Mykonos In 2020 – Journey You Will Never Forget

No matter the season, Mykonos island always has to offer something new, diverse and vibrant to everybody. But, let’s face it. Mykonos during summer is a place that blossoms out of unreal beauty! This is because there are numerous things to do or places to see when you find yourself in this island. Trust us, boredom is out of the question!

The most relevant “area” and one of the most beautiful parts of Mykonos are Mykonos Windmills. They represent the specific and unique It’s no wonder that tourists and locals as well adore this place! If you fall in love with this landscape, then you should visit a Kato Mili – iconic and historical windmills facing the sea.

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If you’re taking your partner with you and want to spend a holiday in Mykonos in romantic places, then Little Venice should be your number one choice. This picturesque location has literally everything for your good mood – restaurants, bars, souvenir shops, traditional food and drinks

Delos, Panagia Paraportiani, Archaeological museum, Gyzi Castle, Armenistis Lighthouse… These are just some of the places you should visit when you come to Mykonos.

However, if you want to get to know Mykonos better, then these less known facts about Mykonos will keep your full attention.

Beaches That Will Leave You Breathless

You might be thinking that it is too early to consider swimming and beaches, but you would be wrong. Of course, we are not talking about swimming in the middle of the winter in Mykonos. However, it is not early to book your summer of 2020 now, because prices are relatively cheap and the ultimate fun guaranteed in advance! The sooner you do it, the holiday in Mykonos in 2020 will be even better!

Beaches in Mykonos are practically made for everyone’s taste: families with children, couples and even for those people who want to be alone. There are many beaches in Mykonos that are worth visiting. First of all, you will make a right decision if you visit Platys Gialos Beach. It’s an alluring and wide beach that contains many restaurants and taverns. If you’re coming with your family, then make sure to visit the outstanding Ornos Beach. An incredible party experience and amusement are waiting for you in Paradise and Super Paradise Beach.

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Also, you won’t regret if you visit staggering Paraga Beach. One of the most marvelous beaches in Mykonos is, by far, Elia Beach. Don’t be surprised if you see your favourite celebrity here, because TV superstars simply adore the glamour of Mykonos.

If you want to see these impressive beaches all at once, then you can have a mini excursion on the water. In other words, you can have a boat tour in Mykonos and enjoy in the breathtaking view of island’s landscapes.

Prepare Yourself For The Wildest Parties

Needles to say that Mykonos has well deserved reputation of the party animal of Greece! Millions of partygoers every year come to this island just to experience the extraordinary nightlife in Mykonos. And, when we are talking about spectacular parties, it’s not just about nightlife here. There are also phenomenal beach parties that are being organized during the daylight. And, everyone is welcome! Therefore, it’s no wonder that people often consider Mykonos to be the Ibiza of Greece.

If you want your holiday in Mykonos in 2020 to be the perfect experience, then you should pay a visit to the best nightclub in Mykonos. That is, for sure, Porta Bar Mykonos. Our exquisite indoor nightclub will make sure that you feel great in every single second that you spend here. Porta Bar Mykonos is one of the most popular gay bars in entire Greece. But, regardless of your sexual orientation, anyone who wants to have the time of his life can knock on our door. It’s important that you are open-minded person, willing to spread positive energy all around you!

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The most popular DJ music will get you to the dance floor in a matter of seconds. With the latest sound system, delicious cocktails and modern LED lights, you’ll be dancing like never before in your life!

Keep in mind that every night is a party night in a Porta Bar! The atmosphere at our club is so cozy and easy-going that you will easily make new friends.

Feel free to drop by to Porta Bar and prepare yourself for the best holiday in Mykonos!

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