homoeroticism in popular movies

These days, the LGBT representation in movies gets a bit better, very, very slowly. Only a decade back, that was not the case, not to mention the time before!

However, in certain cases, movie makers managed to smuggle in some gayness! Deliberately or not, in these movies it shows pretty well. Check out this subtle homoeroticism in popular movies that you may have overlooked.


Everyone had already figured out that 300 is actually a blatantly homoerotic movie. Every single man (and there is loads of them) in this movie is ridiculously ripped, in a state of constant flexing, permanently oiled, hairless, tanned and over – the – top macho. The symbolism of many scenes is almost completely obvious: sword – sharpening closeups, Xerxes walking up behind Leonidas, whispering in his ear that he should “bow down to him”, the voiceover that calls Spartans hard again and again…

Also, can we just talk about Xerxes for a minute?

Nine foot tall, covered in piercings and gold chains with skin that matches, androgynous makeup clad face, dramatic and buff. Truly a gay icon.

The overall aesthetics of this film really is a feast for the eyes; of course, it would be absurd for a soldier to constantly strut around almost naked, but precise historical accuracy was obviously not that important.

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Top Gun

After only reading the plot summary of Top Gun, the unsuspecting crowd would think that this is perfectly straight Hollywood blockbuster. After all, Tom Cruise’s character Pete Mitchell is a straight man, in a relationship with his civilian instructor Charlotte Blackwood.

The movie has a completely macho vibe, but the subtext can be (and is) deemed… a bit Gay.

The gayness of this US Navy fighter pilot dude flick is now a well – known joke, and many parodies were produced with this in mind.

Look up the famous shirtless volleyball scene and you will understand what it is all about; sprinkle with the tightness of the uniforms, locker room atmosphere, the relationship Maverick has with Goose and Iceman, and you will see why Quentin Tarantino argues that Top Gun is about a man struggling with his homosexuality in the movie Sleep with me.

Rebel Without A Cause

This iconic 1955 movie features the ever popular heartthrob James Dean, playing the role of Jim Stark, angsty teen who smokes, drinks, and certainly has feeling not deemed appropriate for a young man by the larger crowd.

The Motion Picture Production Code was still in effect in the fifties, and that meant the LGBT representation was nowhere to be seen in movies. Because of that, possibly romantic feelings Jim had for Pluto were only subtly hinted. Natalie Wood was Jim’s romantic interest, but he and Plato exchange more than friendly glances and gestures.

Interview With The Vampire

Anne Rice brought us the classic every goth kid (and adult) loved. The way she describes the relationship between Louis and Lestat, and how Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise portray them in the movie later on, made people wonder what’s lies behind.

All of the characters in Interview With The Vampire are highly sensual beings, and although Louis and Lestat do become enemies, their relationship is somewhere between hatred and desire, platonic and passionate. The vampires are not imagined as creatures that engage in sex, so all of the attraction is purely emotional.

Tango and Cash

People often say that this movie is so bad, it’s actually good – nonetheless, it’s highly entertaining with some lingering gayness.

This buddy cop / screwball comedy (opposites end up loving each other) features Kurt Russel and Silvester Stalone in number of action packed, and yet ridiculous scenes. The most notorious one is, of course, the one in the prison showers: the “pick up the soap” moment. At the end of the movie, their high-fiving ends up with fingers interlocked, and they embrace.

That’s certainly more physical contact than needed in a straight buddy cop movie, right?!

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