Greek lifestyle

Greece is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Besides many beautiful beaches and rich heritage, this country is also known for its friendly people and wild nightlife. If you plan on visiting this amazing country, you should first get acquainted with the Greek lifestyle, so that you can fit in more easily. This blog will provide you will all the info you need.

The Power of Summer

There are basically only two seasons in Greece – summer and the rest of the year. Although one could argue that this country is always beautiful, it really comes to life in the summer. Somewhere around August most Greeks use their summer vacations and focus on relaxation. This is your best chance to learn about some Greek customs, find out what’s so great about Greek lifestyle, and absorb the native energy. It is a unique experience you will never forget.

Importance of Good Food

If there’s one thing Greeks feel passionate about, it’s the food. There are some rules you simply have to follow when you’re in Greece. Olive oil and cheese are a must for every meal as they significantly improve the taste and they’re healthy. Greeks usually know exactly where their food comes from, which is certainly an admirable quality. They need to be certain that their meals are made from healthy ingredients. You should also be aware of their meal times – they eat lunch about 3PM, and have dinner anywhere from 9PM to midnight. Usually, they dine on their terraces and balconies.

Greek lifestyle

Coffee and Other Drinks

Most Greeks can’t even imagine their days without a cup of basic coffee. Make sure you don’t accidentally call it Turkish coffee because it’s not. It’s traditional Greek coffee. Besides that, Greeks love to have a drink or two. It’s all about social drinking and making new friends. If you go out to a club at night, you’ll get a chance to enjoy numerous refreshing cocktails characteristic of the coastal area. The most important thing to remember is that drinks are there just to improve the experience and not become their own purpose.

After-Meal Naps

The best thing you can do after a proper meal in the afternoon is take a short nap. Greeks love to chill out and unwind, which is why there’s a misconception in the world that they’re lazy. That is, of course, not true. They simply know how to relax and enjoy life to the fullest. Relaxation is a huge part of Greek lifestyle and you simply have to respect it.

Rich Heritage

The Greeks are proud people. They have a rich heritage and love to brag about it. Their history is quite colorful and any place you visit probably has a story of its own. Feel free to ask the locals about the history of the area you’re in. Most of them will be excited to tell you about it. Of course, keep in mind that the ancient Greece is not the same as the modern-day Greece. There’s really no need to ask them whether they still worship the old gods.

nightclub porta bar mykonos

Greek Lifestyle – Crazy Nightlife

After their rich meals and their naps, the Greeks love to party. They love to spend time outdoors but they also enjoy going to numerous nightclubs. Dancing is an important part of their culture, so you have to take part in it. The best way to enjoy some uninhibited dancing is to visit one of the numerous gay bars in Greece. If you happen to find yourself on the beautiful island of Mykonos, we recommend you visit the amazing Porta Bar. That is without a doubt the best way to make some new friends and enjoy yourself to the fullest.

Now that you know all this, it’s time to go to Greece and check everything out for yourself. We’re sure that you will quickly adapt to Greek lifestyle.

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