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From the history of time, gay people always knew how to organize and prepare the best and the finest parties. These parties are so unique, interesting, and entertaining, that everyone wants to be the part of them. No matter what their sexual orientation or preferences are. You’re probably familiar with the fact that Mykonos, in its entirety, is the most popular a gay-friendly island in Greece. This is why gay clubbing in Mykonos has a flattering reputation of the best party ambiance in Hellas. So, it’s no wonder why people call Mykonos “the party animal of Greece“.

Although we live in a 21st century, there are still people who think or believe that gay parties are just a “mask” for doing other “inappropriate” things. And, that is not true at all. This is considered to be one of the biggest myths about gay community. The fact of the matter is – gay clubbing is no different from anything, compared to other forms of clubbing or partying.

Actually, gay clubbing in Mykonos makes a few steps further. The reason being is that everyone is welcome here, regardless of your sexuality. Gay, straight, bisexual, transgender… It really doesn’t matter as long as your energy and personality is positive and vibrant.

Gay Clubbing In Mykonos – Phenomenal Music And Atmosphere

First of all, there is no big or great clubbing without spectacular party music. Could you imagine what the atmosphere in a gay club would look like without the best gay anthems or the most crowd-pleasing music? The truth is – there should be no labels if some type of music is gay or straight, because music connects us all. This is why the most popular DJs in the world come to Mykonos in order to play only the first-rate and outstanding DJ music.

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No one remains indifferent when they hear the sounds of, for example, No Tears Left To Cry, from Ariana Grande. Or the magnificent Finesse, from Bruno Mars. House music, Pop House music, R’n’B music, funky music, techno or disco music.. You name it, gay clubbing has it all! Mykonos is an island of hedonism, so don’t be surprised if you see one of your favourite celebrities in a gay nightclub.

Keep in mind that the atmosphere in a gay club is really loving and affectionate, so you can easily make friends with someone.

Hold The Glass Of Your Favourite Drink And Uncover Your True Self

Every single partygoer knows that a good party doesn’t go without various choices of drinks for everyone’s taste. If you want to experience the authentic Greek life while partying, feel free to have Metaxa, Ouzo or Tsipouro. However, the most delicious cocktails, with their special flavour, are always charming and inevitable part of every gay clubbing in Mykonos. But, if you prefer, you can have a non-alcoholic drink. Either way, this will warm you up and give you a necessary energy to party all night long!

Anyway, when we’re talking about gay clubbing in Mykonos, your only job is to get to the dance floor and show off your amazing dancing skills. In a matter of time, you will unveil and uncover your true self and everyone will be amazed! Actually, while partying at a gay club, you don’t have to pretend like you’re someone else. You just have to be yourself and enjoy to the maximum. We guarantee that you will have the time of your life and incredible experience in Mykonos.

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And if it’s your first time in a gay bar, not to worry. Friendly and polite staff at a gay club will make sure that you feel like you’re at home.

Choose Your Nightclub Wisely And Party As Much As You Want

As we can see, gay clubbing in Mykonos should definitely be your number one choice when it comes to partying in Greece. Trust us, there is no other or better alternative to it. Yeah, summer is behind us, but the best parties in Mykonos have no boundaries or limits. Nightlife in Mykonos is so diverse and colourful and always has something new to offer you!

It is the middle of October, which means that the Mykonos beach parties are almost over. Now is the perfect time to find the perfect and an eminent indoor nightclub in Mykonos, where you can party as much as you want. One of them is for sure Porta Bar Mykonos. Just one night out at our club will satisfy all your wishes and fantasies! Our exclusive and prestigious bar has a privilege to be the best gay bar in Mykonos. With the latest sound system and LED lights dance floor, you’ll be dancing and swirling like never before!

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Once you experience Porta Bar, you will always want to come back to the finest gay clubbing in Mykonos. And you will quickly forget the world outside and all of your worries. So, don’t wait no more! Visit Porta Bar immediately – because your happiness is our obligation and satisfaction.

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