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LGBT community has had its fair share of problems over the years. Although they still face discrimination on many fronts, the situation nowadays is a lot better than it used to be. This is all thanks to countless gay activists who dedicated their lives to creating a better world for everyone. These people fought for their beliefs, spoke publicly about the problems, and managed to make a change. You might know some of these, but most of them are still unsung heroes. Take a look at our list.

Harvey Milk – Public Office

We’ll start things off with Harvey Milk, probably one of the most famous figures in the community. Milk was among the first openly gay activists who got elected for public office. That way he was in the position to represent the gay community and solve their problems directly.

There have been numerous films and books about his life and career. Sean Penn played this character in 2008 film, which got him an Oscar. Obviously, this also helped put the focus on the gay community.

gay activists

Karl Heinrich Ulrichs – 19th Century Gay Activists

It might surprise you to hear that there were gay activists in the 19th century as well. Karl Heinrich Ulrichs was a German civil servant who got fired from his job for being a homosexual. In order to right that wrong, he wrote 12 volumes analyzing sexuality and defending their rights.

Many people believe that it is actually the first theory about homosexuality. He tried to explain to the world that homosexuality is something people are born with. Therefore, they shouldn’t be prosecuted for something that is innate. It was a huge step in the right direction.

Magnus Hirschfeld and the Concept of Transgenderism

This German doctor created the first gender identity clinic in the world. As an openly gay man, he worked hard to help people find their true sexuality and realize themselves. Apparently, he coined the term transvestism and acknowledged this type of sexuality.

Interestingly, his views were so liberal and open-minded that Hitler considered him the most dangerous Jewish man in Germany at the time. It says a lot about the power of his ideas.

Bayard Rustin – Martin Luther King’s Right Hand

For many people, Martin Luther King is the voice of the oppressed black people and their struggle. However, you probably didn’t know that his right hand was a man called Bayard Rustin who was a homosexual. He was one of the main organizers of the famous 1963 March on Washington.

Basically, his idea was to help achieve equality among all, regardless of their skin color or sexual preferences. He even refused to go to war, which eventually led to him being imprisoned.

Audre Lorde – Black Lesbian Poet

If anyone knows about discrimination on numerous levels and life’s hardships, it’s Audre Lorde. This African-American worked like a librarian before focusing solely on poetry. In her work, she covered numerous topics, including sexuality, race, and even her battle with cancer.

Until her death in 1992, Audre Lorde worked hard on improving the rights of gay people and LGBT community. She managed to become one of the most prominent gay activists in the history of the world. She inspired many people to rise up and fight against the injustice.

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