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The fabulous Mykonos island is full of wonderful surprises and every single year offers something new to its visitors. Starting from beach life, hotels, villas, apartments and all the way to the hidden places where you can watch breathtaking sunsets. However, millions of people around the world consider Mykonos to be the capital of the wildest nightlife and partying. And, guess what? They are absolutely right! Therefore, if you want to experience the night out in Mykonos in all of its glory, then you should definitely participate in phenomenal events in nightclubs in Mykonos.

First of all, if you’re visiting Greece and particularly this island, you must experience Mykonos at night. That is if you want to see what the heaven on Earth looks like and experience the most pleasant sensations all over your body and soul. Nightlife in Mykonos is always fun, exciting, vibrant and thrilling, so there is no chance of being bored at any time. Remember – parties in Mykonos basically never stop. Additionally, this leaves us to answer the main question. What are the events in nightclubs in Mykonos that you will remember for the rest of your life?

Events in Nightclubs in Mykonos – Birthday And Bachelor(ette) Parties

Nightclubs in Mykonos are “reserved” for universal partying with no limits and boundaries. In other words, there doesn’t need to be the special occasion or a day when you have to go out and honor yourself with the glass of wine, cocktail or champagne. But, if that exceptional day exists, then that is definitely your birthday. Regardless of your sexual orientation, organizing a birthday party in a gay club will give you a new (better) perspective of life.

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Why in a gay club, you might be asking yourself now. Well, it’s simple. You’ll be able to listen to your favourite DJ music, drink your favourite drinks and, ultimately, you’ll unveil your true self, as the party adrenaline rush hits your body! On the top of it all – no one will judge you or look at you differently, as long as you’re having the time of your life! So, gather around all of your (closest) friends and celebrate your birthday in a way that you always wanted to.

The exact same thing applies when it comes to organizing a bachelor(ette) parties. Feel free to enjoy the night with your buddies/girlfriends before the wedding day.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day Or New Year In The Best Way Possible

Don’t be sorry that summer 2019 is behind us. Because there are other great events that you can celebrate in colder months. As you probably already know, Mykonos is an island made for romance. Basically, this island is full of beautiful beaches and stunning romantic places that will take your breath away. Therefore, one of the events in Mykonos nightclubs that you can celebrate is, undoubtedly, Valentine’s day. So, grab your partner by the hand and surprise him/her by taking him/her to Mykonos.

We guarantee that celebrating the most popular day for “love birds” in Mykonos will be one of your life’s best experiences.

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Keep in mind that New Year 2020 is coming soon and very quickly. This means that now is the perfect time to consider the place where you’ll spend this unforgettable night. You definitely won’t regret if you decide to celebrate a New Year’s Eve in Greece. Mykonos nightclubs are eagerly waiting for your arrival.

Other Events In Nightclubs In Mykonos That Will Make Your Life More Exciting

There are plenty of other events that you can organize in a Mykonos nightclubs. You can freely organize a team building events in Mykonos nightclubs. It seems a bit unconventional, but, trust us – it is an effective solution if you want to celebrate a positive business results. Also, what’s stopping you to put on the costume of your favourite character and organize sweet and spooky Halloween party in Mykonos? Our answer would be – absolutely no one!

These are just some of the events in nightclubs in Mykonos which you can organize. But, the common thing that connects all of these events is partying! As we have mentioned earlier, Mykonos is a party animal of Greece. Therefore, it has its unique charm that makes everything look lively, different and miraculously overwhelming. So, if you want to experience the real “party fever” in Mykonos, then your choice should always be Porta Bar. This is a place where all the best parties in Mykonos begin.

Porta Bar Mykonos – Let The Dreams Come True

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Mind-blowing parties are the reason why Porta Bar has the reputation of the best gay bar in Mykonos. Once you enter our fancy and exclusive indoor nightclub, it is really easy to forget the world outside. With the cozy atmosphere, various of drinks, contagious music and pleasant ambience, in a matter of seconds, you’ll be having a great time in a gay club!

Every night is a party night in Porta Bar Mykonos. Let us be the ticket for achieving your goals and dreams. Feel free to drop by and create the everlasting memories. We will be more than happy to welcome you.

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