Beaches In Mykonos You Have To Visit – Summer 2019 Guide

beaches in Mykonos Porta Bar Mykonos 1

One thing is for sure – when someone wants to spend summer 2019 holiday in Europe, first thought on their mind is Greece. Greek islands have unreal, natural pulchritude, but one of them – Mykonos – is really something and especially beautiful. Beaches in Mykonos are for everyone’s taste: for families with children, nudists, ...


Get ready for the best summer 2019: The most beautiful islands in Greece

When someone mentions you summer 2019 , there is only one thing that should be on your mind. It’s getting really quickly and really fast, so you should plan where will you spend your vacation this summer. In case you don’t have any plans, don’t worry, we were thinking of you. You won’t regret by visiting the most beautiful is ...


Summer in Greece 2019 – Book Your Holiday Now

summer in greece 2019

Although it’s still February, it’s not too early to start planning your summer vacation. If you want your holiday to be an amazing, unforgettable experience, we suggest you spend your summer in Greece 2019 and one of its beautiful islands. The warm Mediterranean climate will help you forget all about your problems and enjoy the Greek lif ...


Mykonos beaches

mykonos beaches

Europe has always been the top variety destination for traveling even for europeans themselves. It’s beating heart – Mediterranean is probably the most mouthwatering of them all. Mykonos is centered in the middle of it all – and for a good reason it is the dream of many partying animals, but also the most demanding beachlovers. It ...

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