Best Gay Bar in 2019 – New Year, New Experiences

best gay bar in 2019

Just because it’s January, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t already start thinking about your summer holidays. Porta Bar Mykonos is coming back stronger than even in 2019 and is ready to help you create some amazing new experiences once more. Why should you choose our bar as your summer destination? Because it’s located in ...


How to Have a Great Time in a Gay Club

gay club

The New Year is coming up, which means we’re slowly getting closer to the new season of clubbing in our one and only Porta Bar Mykonos . We still have a while to go, but it’s never too early to prepare yourself for some of the best parties on the island. In light of that, we thought we’d offer you a simple guide on how to have a gr ...


Mykonos Gay Travel Guide – Everything You Should Know

mykonos gay travel guide

If there’s one place in the entire world where gay community can always feel welcome, it’s Mykonos. This amazing Greek island is full of beautiful scenery and various culturally significant places. However, one thing that Mykonos is known for around the world is undoubtedly the friendly atmosphere people generate. In case you’ve n ...

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Indoor Nightclubs: Why They’re Your Best Choice

nightclub mykonos

A new trend that seems to be emerging among the party-goers in Mykonos is visiting the open-air bars and outdoor nightclubs. These parties usually take place under a clear sky and on rooftops but most of the time they’re not as glamorous as they sound. There are countless problems that follow them, so if you’re looking for a great night ...

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Cocktails in Mykonos

cocktails in mykonos

The first thing that comes to mind when summer nights come are without a doubt – cocktails in Mykonos! They are the inevitable (and favourite) ingreedient of every dinner, celebration or party at a beach or club. Best cocktails in Mykonos should be your choice when choosing your company for careless happy summer nights full of music and danci ...

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Mykonos – The party animal of Greece

nightclub porta bar mykonos

If you are familiar with the Mediterranean, but even if you still haven’t visited this paradise, you’ve probably heard of Mykonos Island. Located in the south of Greece, it is well-known for its turquoise water, white houses and stunning beaches. However, it may be even better known for fantastic nightlife and many possibilities that it ...

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Mykonos beaches

mykonos beaches

Europe has always been the top variety destination for traveling even for europeans themselves. It’s beating heart – Mediterranean is probably the most mouthwatering of them all. Mykonos is centered in the middle of it all – and for a good reason it is the dream of many partying animals, but also the most demanding beachlovers. It ...

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