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Summer 2019 is almost over, but that doesn’t mean that all the fun in Mykonos should stop. On the contrary! Mykonos has well-deserved title for the island that many people call “party animal of Greece“. Keep in mind that September in Mykonos is a wonderful month for organizing numerous events where you can party all day and night long. Events that you can certainly celebrate whenever you want in this island are birthdays in a gay club.

Celebrating birthday should be unique event which has to make everyone feel special, not just birthday boy or a girl. There is no person on this planet who doesn’t like to spend and celebrate this day with the people who they love. But, before all the fun begins, you should organize and plan this event carefully. Because, you don’t want anything to go wrong, like not having enough food and drinks for guests or listening to the boring music. So, without further ado, here’s what birthday in a gay club in Mykonos should look like.

Birthdays In A Gay Club – Ultimate Experience For Birthday Boy/Girl And Every Single Guest

As we have already said, birthdays in a gay club are supposed to make everyone feel happy and joyful. Although you can celebrate the day you were born in a gay bar, that doesn’t mean you should differentiate people depending on their sexual orientation. No, no. The real truth is – everyone is welcome in a gay club, whether he/she is homosexual, bisexual or straight! The only thing that matters is that he or she is open-minded and full of positive energy!

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If this is the case, then feel free to express yourself the way you want it and no one will judge you. Anyway, there is no great party in a gay club in Mykonos without having the tastiest drinks in this island. Of course, we are talking about stunning and colourful cocktails in Mykonos. They are an inevitable part of every birthday party and they make everything look better! With their fancy decorations, cute little umbrellas and pieces of fruit, every single guest will feel like a superstar while drinking them. With this being said, cocktails really go hand in hand with every birthday celebration in a gay club.

Shake Your Ass While Listening To Your Favourite Songs

Besides alcohol and non-alcohol drinks, there is one thing that is even more important then beverages. What could it possibly be? You simply cannot organize any party without playing the phenomenal music that makes the crowd go wild and free! At the beginning music should be moderate, while atmosphere gets warm enough. As the birthday party in a gay bar moves on, the music should be more vibrant, lively and perky. You will shake your ass like crazy and feel amazing, while listening to your favourite songs and the most popular gay anthems.

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However, in order to have the memorable birthday party, we recommend that you play the best DJ music in Mykonos. This will ensure that literally everyone at a birthday party has a fantastic time in a gay club, regardless of their personal music taste. Nevertheless, music really connects us all, no matter the religion, nationality or any other difference. That’s why you can easily, while celebrating birthdays in a gay club in Mykonos, make many friends. The music will make you get to the dance floor where you will, in a matter of time, relax and show off your impressive dancing skills!

Find The Best Gay Club In Mykonos And Party Like Never Before

If you decide to celebrate birthdays in a gay club, trust us – indoor nightclubs should be your only choice. You don’t depend upon the weather conditions and these kind of clubs are more gallant and exclusive. We don’t need to mention that you can comfortably start a conversation guy or girl that you fancy. This is because of the more discreet nature of the interior of indoor clubs. That’s the only way you will have the best experience in Mykonos while celebrating this event.

So, if you want to celebrate your birthday in a gay club that everyone will talk about weeks and months later, then Porta Bar Mykonos is the perfect solution for you. Once you experience our gay club, you will quickly forget all your worries! We guarantee that the night out in Mykonos and the best parties are unimaginable without visiting legendary Porta Bar! We include organizing and celebrating birthday parties here, as well. With the latest lighting and sound system and modern LED light dance floor, you’ll have the most incredible birthday party ever! On our menu, we have the most appetizing drinks in Mykonos for the unlimited fun and pleasure. And, if this is your first time in a gay club, don’t worry. Our friendly and polite staff will take care that you relax and feel cozy rapidly.

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Spend your birthday in a gay club the way you want it and the way you deserve it. Porta Bar Mykonos will make sure that your dreams and birthday wishes come true.

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