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There are numerous reasons to visit Mykonos every year – no matter the part of the year! Besides its great reputation of party island, Mykonos always has something new and diverse to offer to everyone. But, not many people know that Mykonos has the most amazing sights and landscapes where you can witness the most amazing view! So, the main question is – what are the best places to watch sunset in Mykonos? Where to watch this phenomenal panorama?

Athough the summer season is over, that doesn’t mean that you should see Mykonos in Autumn. Nowadays, the whole Europe is under the impact of warm and pleasant temperature and weather conditions. And, Mykonos is no exception of it! So, it’s still not late to go to wonderful Mykonos beaches in order to watch awesome sunset. Also, one of the most romantic things in Mykonos is to watch the sunset during a boat ride or tour. But, there are still (better) places where you can go, relax and watch how the sun goes down.

The Best Places To Watch Sunset In Mykonos – Famous Mykonos Castle And Town Harbor

Did you know that Mykonos has the world’s most stunning castle? Yeah, you’ve read it right! Actually, this castle represents the most fascinating place in Cyclades, where you can go anytime you want. The name of this architectural miracle is Castle Panigirakis and it is definitely one of the best places to watch sunset in Mykonos. Besides dreamy view of the sunset, people eagerly come to this charming spot so they can organize the most stunning and memorable wedding.

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Make sure not to miss this place when you come to Mykonos. Nevertheless, one of the best locations from where you can see the charming sunset in Mykonos Port, or, in other words, at the Mykonos Town Harbor. You, definitely, won’t regret if you spend here just a couple of hours watching the mesmerizing sunset. Also, you can find some of the local cafes and restaurants that are just right across the harbor. Here you can sit, relax and witness the magic happening in the sky.

Be Sure To Go To Mykonos Windmills And Little Venice

Speaking about the best places to watch sunset in Mykonos, we cannot overlook the most important part of Mykonos charm and history. You’ve guessed it  – of course, we are talking about great Mykonos Windmills! First of all, these windmills are the most relevant and inevitable part of the island’s cultural identity. Its aesthetics and architecture is so unique, that you can’t find them in any other part of the world. And watching the sunset from this location is incredible experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.

But, the number one place for admiring the close of the day is, undoubtedly, Little Venice. This place has it all and you will, in a matter of seconds, fall in love with Little Venice. Positive energy, cafes, tavernas, coast, lovely narrow streets, bars, view at the beach…

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Here you can, certainly, spend the most pleasant evening in your life. Did you know that Little Venice is the most photographed place in entire Greece? That’s why people call this quart “the jewel of Mykonos”. It is so breathtaking place that people don’t want to leave it! It’s no joke and you can see it for yourself during the peak of the season.

What To Do After The Most Beautiful Sunset?

So, these are just some of the best places to watch sunset in Mykonos. Believe us, you’ll appreicate every single moment while watching sunset and you’ll realize how life can be really beautiful. We are convinced that you’ll want to repeat this experience immediately after.

However, the question now is – what after the sun comes down? What to do then and where to spend the most satisfying Mykonos nights? Don’t worry, this island is a perfect place for you, because the real magic happens in Mykonos at night. Party maniac or not, during the night you will want to take part in the best parties in Mykonos, that leave no one indifferent. If this is the case, then you need to visit Porta Bar Mykonos – the outstanding indoor nightclub that organizes the most impressive parties in this island. Our exclusive gay club will make you instantly forget everything about your troubles and worries. We are famous for having the best gay clubbing in Mykonos.

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With modern DJ music hits, the latest LED light dance floor and the tastiest cocktails, you will quickly “unleash” the party beast within you. Also, you can easily make friends at our club, because our staff and all of our guests are polite, pleasant and open-minded people. All in all, you don’t have the reason not to drop by to Porta Bar. We are looking forward to your arrival.

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