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One thing is for sure – when someone wants to spend summer 2019 holiday in Europe, first thought on their mind is Greece. Greek islands have unreal, natural pulchritude, but one of them – Mykonos – is really something and especially beautiful. Beaches in Mykonos are for everyone’s taste: for families with children, nudists, romantic souls. But, also for the people who want fun and parties all day and night long.

Southern beaches on this island people visit the most because the wind is not strong here. These beaches begin to fill early in the afternoon. That means lovers of peaceful enjoyment can take advantage of the whole morning for themselves. Also, beaches on the north coast of Mykonos are ideal beacuse of their natural beauty and nice wind. Especially surf lovers like to come here. Mykonos is really paradise on earth.

Beaches in Mykonos for familes – plan your holiday on time

There are many beaches in Mykonos thare ideal for family holidays. Platys Gialos is a very popular beach on the south coast. It is family beach, but cosmopolitan society is gathering here too. It has many hotels and restaurants.

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Ornos is a true family beach, ideal for both parents and kids. Parents can relax without thinking too much about the safety of their children. There are very frequent bus lines here, so the arrival is easy. Agios Ioannis beach is very nicely decorated and ideal for families and those who want to be incognito. Like rich people. There are taverns which offer a combination of local cuisine and ambience decorated with marble sculptures. From this beach there is a beautiful view of the Delos island. Families adore Agios Stefanos beach because this beach is one of the nearest to the main town. Also, here you have many options to eat, drink and sleep and children enjoy the shallow water.

The best beaches in Mykonos for couples and romantic souls

Not everyone wants to go on a holiday with their familiy. Mykonos has perfect places and beaches for the ones that want to get lonely and intimate.

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Paraga beach is ideal for all the romantic souls that want to run away from crowd and explore each other. You can just lay here on the beach all day, enjoy drinks and beautiful view. Also, with rocks being close to the shore, you can swim to them and sit in the middle of the bay! Awesome place for lovers is definitely Lia beach. So, if you want to get away with your partner somewhere where no one can find you, you won’t regret by visiting this beach. You can lay under umbrella all day drinking delicious ice coffe or frappe and no one will bother you. Also, the water here is just gorgeous!

One of the striking symbols of the island Mykonos is a romantic beach known as Little Venice. This is one of the most charming beaches in Mykonos. It has become known for its elegant houses and their location is on cliffs directly above the sea. Also, simple walk here can be really enjoyable for lovers!

Have fun all day and all night long – Beaches for the ones who love parties

Finally, Mykonos is the island most known for the wild nightlife and parties. And these few beaches in Mykonos are the best for the partygoers and tourists that want to have ultimate fun!

Kalo Livadi beach was quiet place. But since the opening of excellent bars, this beach has become the center of day and night entertainment for younger tourists. Paradise beach is famous for loud and party music that doesn’t stop. Parties take place day and night. Young people and nudists love to come here.

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In addition to this beach is the beach Super Paradise, which is equally famous. Loud music here makes some of the best party environment in Mykonos all day and night. It is very affordable for nudists, but also for gay population.

But, the best gay club in Mykonos is definitely Porta Bar. Some of the world’s finest DJs come here to make excellent party atmosphere! There is incredible dance floor with LED lights, so you can dance, relax and enjoy anyway you want. And you can do all that while drinking tempting drinks and cocktails. If you are first time here, not to worry. Amazing and friendly people here will make you feel like you are at home.

This amazing gay club has everything you’ve ever wanted. Atmosphere here will make you want to come in Porta Bar over and over again. Be free to visit us and find it out for yourself.

We’ll be more than happy to welcome you.

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